Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July (yes I know it's the 6th)

So, I have all these great pictures of my recent trip to PA, and I had some of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell that would have been PERFECT for this holiday. But I'm house sitting in Phoenix right now. (I love starting a sentence with "but" 'cause it's such bad grammar.) And I had all these great blogs planned out based on my trip but... I forgot my "connect camera to computer" cord thingy. I might just have to go buy one- it'd probably be cheaper than the gas to drive home, yeah? And I'm tired of having sad blogs and I know this does her no justice but it's all I can take. Here's the last picture I ever took of Lilly. She's got her head deep in a sour cream container. 'Kay gonna go cry now but after that I'll get back to my awesome trip visiting my loved ones. Whenever I get a cord, that is. Because I've got a lot to share. Wow, I started sentences with "and" and "because", too, which I think is also incorrect. Ah well. ttfn.