Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

You know that I love you, I can't help myself... When I see your face I get all choked up inside...
Yes, I almost cried when my boy came home after my trip. I pet about a pound of winter fur off him as hew meowed and purred and rolled all over. Honestly, I could have stuffed a pillow with all that extra fur. My prince, he knows he is loved. But he knows it so well, that I have to tell you a strange story, and a funny one about our reunion.

While I was gone, he was glimpsed only twice. Mom would come over to feed the fish and kitties, and he was never here. In fact, she was worried enough to get a can of cat food ( a treat, he usually has dry food and pack rats, though I'd say he gets about 4 cans a week) and she went looking all over for him, hoping to lure him with the scent. She didn't want to stress me, so she downplayed it a bit, but I did lose his sister when I left for a week. And the day that Genevieve disappeared, I knew in my heart within 5 hours that she was gone, and she was. I'm very aware of my cats patterns, and I know that occasionally Pheonix has a 2 day walk about, so that's what Mom and I were both rooting for.

Now, I'm sure you've heard stories of lost pets traveling thousands of miles to find their human families- this is not what Pheonix did- but still, after six days of being all but nonexistent, the day I flew home he was in back in my house all day. As if he knew I was coming home through some animal sixth sense. I was about an hour later than I thought I would be, and he apparently gave up waiting.... just barely an hour before I got home. I'm sure it's all coincidence, but it's still kind of weird. I went walking around, calling for him- he always comes when he's called if he's in ear shot ( contrary to popular belief, dogs are not the only animal to do so, although cats come to the sound of a can opening as readily as their name) but I didn't find him, so I went home to wait. He came back a few hours later for the aforementioned love fest, but then, after about fifteen minutes of this, he took off outside. I was slightly indignant. Didn't he want to hang out?

Oh my dear sweet baby, you know what he did? He went out and got me a gift rat. The entire time I'm gone, not a single bloody carcass (usually a daily or semi daily event), and as soon he finds me home, he runs out to get me a welcome home present. Yes, a gross one, but still. He really loves me. And he has not left my side since. Including taking up the whole dang bed, a magic trick whose secret is known only 16 pound furry bodies. But hey, if he can make my heart take up too much room in my chest, he can have all the bed space he wants. My spoiled beloved prince booger head.

This one's for you, Robin, thanks for jump starting me ;)

P.S. My trip made me feel as loved as Pheonix. I am so lucky. And I got way yummier meals TO SAY THE LEAST. lol.