Sunday, February 6, 2011

I guess jewelry is universal

Kay, this photo doesn't do it justice, but this is a BEAUTIFUL piece. Silver surrounding a giant hunk of turquoise mixed with lapis and malachite. It's never leaving my body. I'll be buried with it. Nah, that would be wasteful. Besides, I don't want to be buried. Anyhoo, all the jewelry I have is meaningful to me. I almost never buy my own; in fact, my most precious adornments are gifts from loved ones. Mom, sister, Nana, Gromma... is it a female thing? I hate being stereotyped, but... omg I almost forgot to mention the awesome necklace an awesome girl made me. I wear it pretty much every day. It has a tiger's eye in it, a favorite stone of mine. And a .45 shell. It is so... running out of good adjectives here. Don't make me grab my thesaurus. I just never appreciated jewelry as much before. But having it connected to great people adds so much meaning. I'm a lucky one.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Woohoo 47 degrees

It is so blessedly warm out. I can actually stand outside and not be cold. Last night I had no kitties under my covers. It is just so amazing to not be COLD. The nasty ugly black road ice is dropping from my car. Yesterday I wanted to power hose it off, but it was way too cold to be fiddling with water outside.
Such a difference from tuesday. It was awful driving home from school that night- near white out conditions, ice coating the INSIDE of my windows... it took 80 minutes to make the 45 minute journey home, and I was white knuckled the whole way. I am never going to make it to summer. I want it to be spring RIGHT NOW. Shorts and flip flops. Auuuugh.

Last night my neighbor Ranger and I were at my mom's house. I was coloring a faux stained glass picture for the back of my fish tank and mom was doing needle point. Yeah, I'm 3- "28", and I color. In coloring books. And I like it. Anyway, Ranger asked me how I like hanging out with "older people". My best companions are 50 -60 plus, Ranger being in there somewhere. I said, I love it, even prefer it, except for the hearing problems. For some reason almost every one of them has something wrong with their hearing, which can make for some interesting conversations.

Me: "Mom, do you have any scotch tape?"
Mom: "Wine? The wine's right there."

But that stuff is entertaining. No, I told Ranger, the only times I really don't enjoy are the hour long, boring as hell, discussions about medication. All in technical terms, not, "my pain meds are working" but "have you tried prednisone? It's great but you cant mix it with loratadine. Oh, yes, the whothewhatsenol, that's good but your doctor wont prescribe it with thatotherstuffazine."

I know someday I'll have more intimate knowledge on the subject, but for now im good with : headache? tylenol. sore muscles? ibuprofin. long day at school? coors light.

Gotta enjoy the simplicity where and when I can.