Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Girls

Maggie and Sebastian have been spayed. I bit the bullet and spent $480 dollars to spare their ears. They also got their shots. The vet was moved by the fact that I rescued their feral behinds, though, and gave them pain meds for free. Pain meds are optional(!), and fifteen dollars a cat. I'm glad I spent the extra $430. I think any parent, low income or not, would decline a 90% discount on a medical procedure for their kid if it meant disfiguring them. Okay, I know, cats aren't humans, and I'm pushing it a little with the comparison.

Maggie and Sebastian had three sisters, adopted by Pam, a woman I work with, and she took her kittens to the feral treatment place for 25 bucks each. Now, I totally don't blame her or judge her- I think she's awesome for taking in three cats. The day after she brought them home from their shots and spaying, I asked her how they looked. If it wasn't too bad, I was going to take mine there as well. Maybe the adult aunt or uncle behind the office that looked so awful was just a one time botch job. But Pam nearly started crying, and she couldn't talk for a minute. "They look really bad," she said.

That cinched it. Who needs electricity anyway? Or running water? Or netflix (cry)? At least the girls are now free to enjoy the world without getting sick or preggers. Not that I would mind more kittens... No! Bad Hermitgirl!!!! My happy family is good with five furballs. And ten purty pointy ears.

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Anonymous said...

what in the f'n' hell is that all about?????????? i am totally appalled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i never heard of such a thing! who in their right mind would lop off an animals ears? especially a doctor whose first oath is to cause no harm?????????? that is as about as sicko as it gets...

ifn you have more kitties here it will be about half or less to spay em and the shelter does not cut off ears!!!!!!!!!! nor do the vets.....geeeessssssssss

we have lots of snow, it is beautiful and fun, am having a b-day party for shaye, yup another december baby! guess our family is prone to them......

love you sweetness and bless you for not maiming your kitties children, love you bunches, mum