Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lil' Critters Made of Clay

I've branched out from turtles. When I make these critters, except for the cats, which are really easy, three or four hours will pass with out me even being aware of it. It's a great escape, 'cause I don't think about anything other than the clay. Even better of an escape than tequila, because instead of waking up with a headache I wake up will colorful, fanciful lil' characters.

Now, Mom, Potterman and I each pitched in 25 bucks for a booth at the local three day, July 4th faire. I am going to attempt to sell some of my photos, some in mats but most just as cards. And I am even going to try to sell some of my clay creations. I feel terribly vain and egomaniacal about it, but that's not going to stop me. If I can sell just one card or photo or critter it will make my year.

However, considering how long the critters take to make, due to the teeny tiny neuro-surgical steady hand and eye focus required, I will at most have 50 of 'em. That's my goal, anyway. Even if I don't sell a thing, it'll be a good experience. Also, I'll have my christmas shopping done in advance because I'll be pawning 'em all of on my friends and family. MUAH HA HA HA HA.

P.S. Ignore the scary bug behind the kitties. While native, that particular individual is dried and dead, so no clay kitties will be harmed by lurking monsters.


jill said...

I was serious. I really want to buy a green turtle. Your sea horses are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

those are beautiful!!
i want to buy a sea horse

Amber said...

OH! They are adorable!

You should make a tree somehow to hang them from at your stand... with kitties under it. :)

Have you considered opening an etsy shop? I'd buy those as gifts for my friends, for sure! Keep it up, they are just too cute!

nina said...

Oh gosh! These are lovely!