Saturday, January 22, 2011

ice ftl

Ice... sucketh. I chipped at my ice covered driveway with my pick mattock till my hands couldn't clench anymore. It's beautiful out, though. Easily 50 degrees. I sat out in the sun and it was wonderful. Made me some vitamin D. But that darn ice... still learning abut life in snow country. Shovel immediately! Don't let that puffy white snow turn into compacted, slippery ice!!!

(Digression. Some people call that tool a "pick axe", but I promise you it's a pick mattock. Worked better than the baseball bat, but not by much.)

Anyway. I love the heckfire out of school, but I just realized that I miss hermitdom. Being out in the beautiful yard, on a beautiful day, healthy work to do and the only sounds: birds and me. Going to school is dealing with traffic and people everyday. I like it, but I'm still hermitgrrl at heart. Today I' just enjoying the sun, music, driveway clearing, and solitude. But just so you know, when I'm enjoying my solitude, I'm thinking about the good things in my life, and number 1 is all the people I love. I am SO LUCKY. So many loved ones.

(Digression; Take 2: It is so quiet here that an airplane passing overhead wakes me up in the middle of the night. Yowza)

I sincerely hope everyone out there is as lucky, blessed, and happy as I humbly am. Even if you're testing baseball bat vs. pick mattock on your driveway... /salute.

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