Sunday, February 6, 2011

I guess jewelry is universal

Kay, this photo doesn't do it justice, but this is a BEAUTIFUL piece. Silver surrounding a giant hunk of turquoise mixed with lapis and malachite. It's never leaving my body. I'll be buried with it. Nah, that would be wasteful. Besides, I don't want to be buried. Anyhoo, all the jewelry I have is meaningful to me. I almost never buy my own; in fact, my most precious adornments are gifts from loved ones. Mom, sister, Nana, Gromma... is it a female thing? I hate being stereotyped, but... omg I almost forgot to mention the awesome necklace an awesome girl made me. I wear it pretty much every day. It has a tiger's eye in it, a favorite stone of mine. And a .45 shell. It is so... running out of good adjectives here. Don't make me grab my thesaurus. I just never appreciated jewelry as much before. But having it connected to great people adds so much meaning. I'm a lucky one.


Anonymous said...

Jenyce is very glad you like the necklace.

hapi said...

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