Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Little Big Leaf Maple Leaves

Wow how wrong is that title? Haha but that's the common name for this tree and well... When they're all grown up their leaves are huge, anywhere from six to ten inches across. They look almost exactly like the canadian flag. Except more organic and less rigid. Hmmm also not bright red. Gosh, ya think? ANYway, there are several sprouting up in my yard and they are SO DANG cute!! Man, I just love new spring growth! That color of green is mind blowingly beautiful. Hey look, some are red!

Not canadian red though. (Is that an actual red? brick, crimson, ruby, canadian?) They turn green when they get bigger, like roses' baby leaves. In fact, my roses are indeed putting out new growth, too! AND my clematis, yay! I have these baby trees, well they're almost three years old now and maybe four feet tall, but they haven't done anything yet. We've had some 70 degree weather though so maybe the plants that are sprouting have been fooled and the trees that haven't know a last bite from old man winter is coming. Being three years old, they're a lot wiser then silly young seedlings. Or maybe they just like to sleep in. I certainly know a little something about that.
Heehee, on my last day at work everyone threw a potluck for me- actually no food went airborne- and I told Betty that I turned off my alarm clock that morning. For the last time EVER. Probably not ever, but she's a fellow night owl and I couldn't help teasing her. Okay, rubbing it in. I am so mean! "Yes," I told her, with tearful eyes and woeful voice, "I'll never see the sunrise again." Boy, I'm surprised she DIDN"T chuck some food at me.
Oh yeah, and you know how my cats have to inspect everything I'M inspecting? I was taking that first picture and Maggie tried to eat the little tree! See that tear in the left leaf? Maggie!
Oh and you know what else? My little brother is like ten feet tall and I call him my big little brother. So I guess sometimes these silly titles just fit.

P.S. I seem to leave things hanging sometimes and on my birthday my Dad asked me what was that "good news" my landlord had, so in case any one has been left sleepless by that unanswered question: the guy is coming over to work on the place to get it ready for a reappraisal. Yeah, how that is good news is beyond me. He's not doing any thing necessary, just cosmetic. Who wants the landlord hangin' around? Even if I wasn't a recluse (not to be confused with spider, I don't know, I just thought brown recluse when I typed that word) I still wouldn't want him here. Can't he wait 2 piddly weeks till we leave? And at nine in the morning tomorrow! Guess I won't be sleeping in either. Shhh. Nine is NOT sleeping in.
OMG and he's going to need an outlet for his power tools. Hey buddy! The electricity isn't included in the rent! We pay for it separately! You gonna reimburse me for what you use?? I don't care how minimal his usage is, the fact that every other comparable rental in the area INCLUDES utilities makes me a little grumpy. Also reminds me how glad I am that I won't have a "lord" much longer.
Digression! In a post script even!! A guy on my route and I were commiserating over being renters one time, and he said he felt like a serf on some noble's land. "They're called landLORDs for cryin' out loud," he said. "How wrong is that?"
"Yeah, I love some one else having power over how many cats, cars, or even how many PEOPLE I can have in my family. " I have had to assure many a future lord that I wasn't planning on having a family, and to me, that just seems kinda sick and wrong. What, only people who can afford a three quarter million dollar house in this area get to have kids?? And I have to agree to give up my reproductive rights to give you money for shelter? EEEEEK there's some of that pent up disgruntlement I mentioned. But it's almost over!!!!!! Two more weeks, two more weeks, la dee dah my finger's are in my ears and I'm humming so I can't heeeear you tra la la. Wait, who am I talking to now? Oh, yeah, Mr. Disgruntlement. Man, that guy always springs stuff on me when I'm not expecting it. Guess what Mr. D, I'm leaving you in California!!


Robert said...

Hey Hermitgirl,

Saw a bumper sticker in Santa Cruz the other day. It said, "Serfs Up!"

It's pretty appropriate to the times, huh?

Anonymous said...

hi sweety,

so i was thinking when you mentioned the canadian thang...when you mention being one of "those women" you could be a matronly canadian in comfortable shoes!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!

loved the blog, wonder how long the tap root is on those maples may we can bring some here!!!!!!!!!!!

love you , see you soon!!!!!!!!!