Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Purty Flower

Went strolling about the forest yesterday, how spoiled is that? That was my third day unemployed. Only it doesn't FEEL like I'm unemployed, because to me that word implies that I'm not where I want to be. UN isn't what I feel. I feel FREE and positive and so dang HAPPY that I wonder why I didn't do this sooner. I guess I didn't have all the right circumstances before, but I also didn't have the courage to reach out before either.
It's funny how dead set every one is on the 40 hour work week being the only answer to life. All my EXco-workers had plenty of advice on how to pursue my next full time career asap. Even funnier, this one lady had been working a few extra hours the last couple weeks, and said she was feeling really tired. I asked her if she was working over 40 hours a week, because I can certainly sympathize with that! Except, she said, "oh, no, I haven't worked full time since the early nineties." Um, sounds SWEET. So wait, why are you suggesting that I can't do that? (Granted, I don't have a spouse who works full time, like her.)
Not to be all bitter. I just don't want to be a full timer at a job I dislike. Now, if I spent 40 hours a week gardening, or taking pictures, that would be great. And guess what? I'M GOING TO! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yesterday I went grocery shopping (ooo, must remember I have no more income, frugal time) and I passed TWO of my ex coworkers driving. I waved and smiled, and they waved back, and man I about split my face I was grinning so hard. Wow, I sound so stuck up and bratty and spoiled. But I also feel like I earned this break. In fact, I think EVERYONE deserves a break. I think it's time for America to follow Europe's example and make 32 hours the official "full time". Or even less!
Part of it is cutting down on consumerism. The less stuff you buy, the less money you need to make to buy stuff. I am going to have to really put that in action, because my savings WILL run out. Until they do, though, I get to live happy. Free. The fact that I have savings to live on makes me feel a little more like I earned this. I spent those eight years in hell for a year in heaven. You know how anticipation is always worse than the thing you're dreading? Well, quitting my job turned out to be a hundred times better than I ever imagined. I never knew this degree of inner joy existed. And I'm only on day four. Now that I've got the insane delirious happiness down, I'm working on inner peace. Obviously I still have some pent up disgruntledness, which I'm sure is to be expected. And I want to allow myself to vent it without being too self critical (haha) because I think I have a right to those feelings. But I want the venting to be just that- something that, once aired out, will be gone, leaving fresh clean space behind.
I have a year, give or take, (and frugalness willing) to start a new life, a new outlook. YAY.


Amber said...

BOY, do I ever HEAR YOU!

Go check out my blog name if you don't believe me!

I just want to brew and cook and garden and sew and sing and bake and laugh and chase kitties and drum and heal and massage...*sigh*...but people keep wanting this MONEY stuff that smells bad and goes away really fast.

You are UN anything, except for maybe UNencumbered! You are FREE and ENabled! ENcouraged!

jill said...

Wa-hoooo! I'm so flipping happy for you. I took my year off after owning the wine store THREE years ago and have not been able to go back to the 40 hour a week grind since. Now if I can only get someone to pay me for doing all the things I LOVE doing :P