Wednesday, April 9, 2008

AZ Update

Well. I have been in Arizona for one week now. I love it. Except for one thing. I love the smell (that sounds kinda weird, huh). I love the view. I love that the word "traffic" has no meaning here. I love that my backyard consists of hundreds of square miles of state forest. Even the elevation is fine- and I have ALWAYS had pretty severe altitude sickness, but not this time (!). I don't even mind that the only place to buy beer is two miles away, well, if you're not down for bud or miller, yuck. I am in heaven.


Today the phone guy came out, HALLELUJAH INTERNET!! I AM FIENDING. Oh, what's that?
"Your phone line is working, you will have DSL within a month."




So, I'm on my Mom's internet connection right now... and I, apparently, am a snob. Because if it ain't DSL, it ain't internet. :(

Anyway, I HAVE been doing a lot of hiking, which is where I found the elk skeleton, complete with record breaking (well, almost) rack. I rule. I carried this thing about a third a mile, and MAN did it get heavy!!!! I also had the most gigantic grin on my face the whole, sweat dripping walk back. I haven't gotten altitude sickness, but I DO get winded right quick. Anywho, can you believe this find??!!??????????

Twelve points on the sucker! I found it down in a ravine, where I saw the antlers gleaming white. I thought at first it was just some bleached branches, because there's a lot of dead trees, fallen and standing, from the fire, and they bleach quick here. But when I investigated, I could not believe it. There was no way I was leaving that skull. And so, four days here, and I'm already a native. Heehee.

We staked out the foundation of my cabin today. As soon as I get the gol durn internet happenin, I will give y'all some updates! Okay, I COULD steal my mom's computer again soon. But I think that would just make her fiend instead of me. Well, the pace of life here is gloriously slow, so I guess I can just chill.



Wait, I mean...



jill said...

I'm gonna come and see you one of these days!! You're a mere two hours away. That skull rocks!! Twelve points!! I never find cool stuff like that. Ahem...welcome to Arizona.

Amber said...

Awesome new home! And awesome new skull, too.


Anonymous said...

omg, how amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
congratulations on you find. and so glad it's going well there.
love you, granny

Robert said...

Way to go Hermitgirl. Somehow, I thought you'd settle right in. Your Elk story has made it to the folks in PA and FL, bringing chuckles and amazement all around. We're all so happy for you.