Sunday, April 13, 2008

Freak Snowstorm hits AZ

Its seventy five degrees out, not a cloud in the deep blue sky, and supposed to hit ninety tomorrow.

Four days ago it snowed.

I know the reaction to snow isn't supposed to be, "Woohoooooo how cool!!!!!!" But hey, I've never lived where it snowed, well, not since age three, and who can remember age three? Potterman and I ran out to disconnect all the hoses and bleed the irrigation pipes so they wouldn't freeze and crack. It was very exciting, battling the forces of nature for survival!! The sun came out about fifteen minutes later.

Since then it's been warm and almost summery. The smell of sun baked pine needles and the sounds of birds are what I've gained for the loss of traffic, maniacal cat targeting drivers, and the melodious whine of leaf blowers. You'll have to pardon me, it may be quite awhile before the shiny rubs off, if you know what I mean. I'm a bit taken by this place, to say the least. When I went hiking the other day, the loudest sound (and it startled me until I identified it) was the dog's leash brushing my leg.

Oh, the cats, by the way, are adjusting quite well and are already replacing Mom's dog as my hiking companions.

Also, I've been named "The Finder". Today I found a small bird's nest on the ground, complete with tiny bird skeleton. The nest is about 4 or 5 inches in diameter, and the tiny vertebrae are 1/16th of an inch. Sad, but also... pretty darn fascinating.

Yesterday I saw a hawk chasing a crow, and they were about the same size, but the crow was on the run. The hawk was doing barrel rolls and even flying UPSIDE DOWN as the crow strafed, dived and dodged. Several times they were actually grappling with their legs entangled and their claws striking at each other's body. All of this about forty feet off the ground. Just when I thought the hawk was gaining the upper hand, a second crow flew in to rescue it's brethren and together they chased the raptor far off into the distant horizon. Wow.

And I haven't even shared my wild horse adventure yet.


Robert said...

What can I say, but whoa, too cool. Finder, now that fits. I'm still watching the school of fish in the river that you pointed out to me a few weeks ago. They were right under my nose, just below my favorite sitting spot, unknown to me...until you 'found' them.
Take care Findergirlofthemountains...

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you,Lala!!
so great to hear of your marvelous adventures and know that your "finder" talents combined with your photography skills will creat a thriving business!
love you,

nina said...

you've moved to Arizona? Too cool!