Friday, September 17, 2010

hermit lady's baby raccoons

Well, we all know that every time I try to link something it FAILS. I blame blogger. So, you might not be able to google or youtube it for a few days, but there is a video of me an the baby raccoons in my garden.

whenever this IS searchable, look up "Hermit lady's baby raccoons"
hope y'all get to see them funny lil monkeys


Anonymous said...

Lara dear, I'm sorry to be a wet blanket, but raccoons can have rabies and also infect other animals. it is illegal to have them as pets in some states. maybe you should check out the center for disease control web site. i would hate to think of you or our other animals getting sick.
so glad you're back in school!
love you

Anonymous said...

I did talk to your mom, and she said she had checked on this. sorry to bother you about it. I got worried and didn't want any sickness for you both!!

Bradford Allen said...

I know the feeling. When I first saw a raccoon in my garden, my initial impression was to pet it because it’s too cute. Until one summer day, they ransacked my garden. I’ve learned that raccoons are very persistent and stubborn food thieves. And yes, your granny is right. Raccoons can carry rabies which is very lethal if left untreated.