Monday, July 18, 2011

Broken Ankle X-Rays: Post- Op

Some pretty pictures for you!

That is inside of me. That is my new leg. Had my post op review last Friday, and the nurse took off my soft outer cast, slapped a bandage over the staples, and gave me a "walking boot". A torture apparatus hidden by deceptive soft material and velcro straps. When the nurse bent my ankle up to a 90 degree angle to fit in the "boot" (iron maiden for my leg) it didn't hurt much at first- a quick gasp of pain was all for the first 15 minutes. What had hurt worse was the swabbing of my cut and staples, like I suddenly had a million new nerve endings in my leg and even the brush of a downy feather would have made me grit my teeth. But I got my boot, an extremely brief chat with the Doc, about 3 minutes, and then it was off to the payment and checkout counter.

That's when the band started tuning up, stealing my breath and blurring my vision with involuntary leakage. The Snazzy True Blue Screws played a good set that day, but what really got me down was learning that somewhere between 8 and 12 weeks after my surgery ( that's 6 1/2 to 10 1/2 weeks from now) they're going to cut me open again and remove the biggest screw. Apparently if I try to walk with out my special boot I can snap the damn screw, so to be truly ambulatory the biggest screw has got to go. I'll have seven left, lucky number seven.

I can put pressure and some weight on my foot, but I am NOT to walk without the boot until after the screw. I'm mostly still wheelchair bound anyway- my foot is still supposed to stay up as much as possible. Plus my ankle is sprained as well as some big tendon that's torn- I asked the doctor what it was called and he even spelled it out but he talks way too quick. He records his session notes on a little voice recorder, and he speaks so fast I told him he should be an auctioneer. Another doctors visit this friday, when hopefully he isn't running an hour and a half behind schedule so I can get a little more time for detailed info, and then I'll be free of him (hopefully) for 6 to 10 weeks.

Well, thats the boring story and fascinating pictures. Next time I'm putting up pictures of my stapled skin!I I'll chat first so you don't have to scroll down to see them if you don't want to. I ( well actually, my mom) re-bandaged it this morning and I almost lost my breakfast. Oh boy :D!


Rob said...

Oh - Em - Gee... Healing and recovery prayers for you, dear Hermitgirl.

tomcat56 said...

Life is like a roller coaster Lala. It has its ups and downs and we just along for the ride. Your at the doctors right now and when you get home I was trying to figure how to get a smile from you ????? Ah the video !!!!!! You captured the cats but what about your other babies that roam the mountains now because you cared !

TomCat Meeeooow :-)