Monday, July 25, 2011

Nothin' Exciting To Report

There was an awesome thunderstorm tonight. We even lost power for about 15 minutes, which is rather laughable because back in Cali it would have been at least 4, 6 hours... or days. It was loud and bright and the dogs were terrified (poor things) but at least I know I don't have to worry about my garden getting watered ( my kitties were very brave, Pheonix took a nap while cannons boomed overhead). I spend about 2 or 3 hours outside my door every evening, enjoying the summer breeze and the sunsets, but tonight I had to watch nature's cinema, including hail ( in July!!) from inside.

Oh, here's a gorgeous picture of my foot. It's only about half that swollen now, and it was twice that before this photo. I had a cabbage patch kid foot:

There was something else... but I can't remember so it must not be noteworthy. Yep, like I said, not much happening here. Here's a little something I jotted the other day- please ignore anything that sounds whiny. Pain doesn't make the best narrator.

"My outside enjoyment/ adventures consist of a 20 by 4 foot strip of concrete. I am reading 5 books concurrently. I am writing, drawing, counting hours, stretching out the time, longer every day, pushing the pain back. Testing out my crutches, at which I am currently far from adept. My internet, usually a great source of escapeism, is down, and who knows when the repair man cometh?

Boredom is a competitor for the pain, and the 3rd runner up is the lack of independence. When can I eat? The guilt builds as I bark backseat cooking orders to my mother, captive nurse. She may be more captive by my needs than I am by my wheelchair. It is summer and I am missing it. I can't fill the bird feeder. I can't check my garden. But oh, so negative. Beyond the pain and dependence and - gasp - lack of internet, lol, there are many positives. Some wonderful get well cards, which I hadn't even expected, the bright future of school, and the extreme generosity and help and caregiving."

End quote. It got a little rocky when I got an infection in the incision. WARNING: Gross leg picture! I won't tell you the gory details, and it doesn't matter anyway. I got some antibiotics and everything was A-OK in just two days.

My mom took this picture of me (below), and said, "this is what happens when you have surgery". I thought, what, you turn into a stir crazy lunatic? I think I would make a good poster figure for hospitals across the nation, don't you?

My foot was BIGGER THAN MY HEAD! LOL. Well, it sure felt that way. And I'm still supposed to keep it above my heart. I thought size 10 was big before, whew. Ooooh, wait till you see my boot. The only shoe a girl can wear for a fabulous foot like this. It's very Frankenstein-ian. Maybe it can be a fashion statement- heck, I don't have bolts in my neck but I do have screws in my leg! Oh dear, if one or two get loose, along with this photo, I'm in trouble. Or maybe it's too late already. Cabin fever without even being snowed in.

Must stop rambling, no witty final remark I'm afraid, 'cause like I said... nothin' exciting.

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