Friday, November 2, 2007

The Best Toy Ever

Pheonix and I went hiking yesterday, just the two of us. He stepped in a huge glob of sap and so the whole walk he was flinging his hind leg and tweaking his toes, trying to dislodge the debris that kept clinging.It was pretty hilarious. I tried to clean it off for him, but just ended up with stickyness all over myself, too. The other cats started out with us, but about ten feet up the trail discovered this:

Oh no it isn't. Is it? Yes, that's a squirrel tail. Turns out, acorns aren't the best toy ever. THIS is. They were still tossing it around when P and I got back. Eeeeeew. Later that night, when my honey got home, he said, "do you know what's on the porch?" I answered, "a squirrel tail?" and yup, turns out they'd brought it home. Which he found out by, it being dusk and all, picking it up. Then he patted my cheek and said, "with this hand". Lucky for me he was kiddding about the hand, unlucky for him he really did pick up a disembodied squirrel tail. Did I already say eeeeeeew? (Mom, you want me to mail it to you? Kidding! Well, I would, but something tore it to shreds last night.) Moving on!

Totally out of the blue, like this subject change, at work Del says, "Let's name our vehicles!"
Jan: Like "peice of s***"?
Ted: They're all named that.
Del: No, like... I'm naming mine Tonto!
We all laugh.
Me: K, mine's Silver then. (you know, like hi ho Silver away)
Jan: Mine's still peice of s***.
Me: Ok, we'll cal it Pos.
Del: Ted's can be Running Nose!
The rest of us:...uh...
Del: I don't know it just came to me.
Me: Like a native american name.
Ted: Yeah, they probably didn't all have cool names like Sitting Bull.
Me: Pooping Bear!

And there you have it. It has been officially written on the vehicle check-out sheet: Pos, Pooping Bear, Silver, and Tonto. it's nice to laugh at work. :)

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Anonymous said...

again 2222222222 funny and damn amuzeing! milo finds the odd bone but just looks guilty and sheepish about it plus he buries his chewies for months till thay get that "aged" flavor he likes so well double ewwwwww
hope all is well, i'm in a dang flare gonna see about shots again...phlatttttt

love you! still wonderful weather, just where the heck did the cold go? some say the catterpillers are projecting a warm winter...and the fall sunsets are out rageious 360 degree sunsets, never knew about those b4..... hugs baby doll, mum