Monday, November 26, 2007

Slacker! ...wait, not.

A beautiful tossing of autumnal forest finery- or is it? Is it instead a predator stalking her prey, peeking around a tree trunk? As I pranced around ooohing and ahhing at the colors like a Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds laden hippy, little did I know it was the latter.

What's this, a mushroom? I can't just stoop down and take a picture, no, I gotta git down on the damp and scented earth for a close up. Like a naive fawn joyously snifing out tender shoots of dinner, oblivious to my suroundings. Actually, maybe more like a wild boar, singlemindedly pawing at a truffle. Yeah, I think boar is more like it than fawn. Hey, it's been between 20 and 40 degrees lately, I need my winter layer. Never mind that I sported the same layer of cozy fat through the hundred degree days of summer. Ahem, I digress. And then I was caught.

I seem to have passed boar and landed right in couch territory. There I was, innocently groovin' on nature, when I became Lilly's new perch. But that's not all. You can see that there's no way I could take this picture. Not only was I oblivious to approaching lap seekers, I forgot that I'm not the only human on the planet. And my honey wasn't alone. His friend dropped him off at home, and was then treated to confirmation that yes, my honey does indeed date the crazy cat lady. Can you tell if my face is redder than the maple leaves?

As far as being a slacker is concerned, in my defense I have been working 9 and ten hour days (for 7 and half hours pay, bless the guv'mints teeny tiny cold little pebble of a heart). I can't wait to move to AZ, and write my heart out- and maybe find a job that I don't hate, and that pays by the hour. Silly dreamer. No, I haven't been sampling wild mushrooms. Course, that may not be what the neighbors thiink. Or does everyone play in the autumn leaves? Well, they should. :) I can't promise my regular presence through these hectic holiday hours, but in the words of Arnie, "I'll be back".


Anonymous said...

welcome back with your most delightful writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
let me know when you'd like to go out to dinner
love you,

Anonymous said...

yahoo! lala is back, however breifly!!!!!!!!!!!!! great story! i loved it,

your ever admiring gray haired ole ma (though i cover it with clarol for yhe ole mans sake! ha! and lol!!!!!!!!!!)