Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Funnest Game Ever

Lilly sees something. Something... interesting. Something she has to get. Ooooooh this is going to be fun. What is it Lilly? Hey! It's Maggie!

In a tree. Lately I've taken to calling her Lillymonster- she has been terrorizing the kittens. It seems they make good practice. Or maybe it's a big sister thing. I wouldn't know. I never stalked my sister, hiding patiently, waiting for her to enter the room or round the corner to jump out at. And scare the crap out of. No, I never ever did anything like that to my little sibs. Just so we're clear on that.

Oh boy. Kitten in a tree, this is worth waiting for, woohoo fun stuff! When she comes down, Lilly is sooo gonna get her! Maybe chase her accross the porch, in the cat window,and under the bed. Then nonchalantly stroll to the food bowl, sit there eating, like she's not keeping one ear pointed at the bed. If she would just get out of the tree!! Lilly is getting bored now.

Wait, is it bath time now? Yeah that's more interesting. That sap between the toes is the worst! ( Pssst! Little Maggie May! Now's your chance, run for it!!) And, now completely engrossed in primping, Lilly misses her target. Maggie makes her getaway.

Free! And all is well in the world of felines, until the next time Pheonix feels like playing- then it's Lilly in the hot seat. I think Maggie likes that part.


Anonymous said...

hi baby doll,

sure love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

reckon you don't read your e-mails much... i know i was supposed to send you some sort of one but i forgot what! went to the pharmacy and will send goodies t-marrow.... also you oughta know aunt melodie lost butterbean; her clarance cat; to a car over the weekend and is very distrought so ifn you can, an e-mail would be comforting to her... trev said you got a new computer! wahoooooo! to fun! now you can really whip some arse!!!!!!!!!!!

love your cat blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love you n jon too, say hi to him fer me, the mum

Anonymous said...

okay! get off the wow fer just a sec and blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!