Monday, May 28, 2007

Hermit... yay

I was watching some old Northern Exposure episode, more because it's nice to watch a sitcom with lush forests and expansive mountain ranges in the background instead of dingy city concrete than because it's a good show (ok well the first season was pretty good) and anyway an old man dies and leaves his acreage to the town doctor and this other lady. Some how it comes up that the old hermit man lived ever so happily, a hundred miles from people... it just made me laugh so hard, in delight, that someone ( a fictitous someone but oh well ) shared my thoughts so perfectly and matter of factly. Unfortunatly I don't live miles from people but that would be the ultimate... Luckily I can still be a hermit with what I have to work with. I have my one room cabin in the woods, a couple acres as my backyard ( rented at an exhorbitant price but average with the exhorbitant going rate in these parts ) and I manage to only fill up my gas tank once a month even though I drive to work 5 days a week. Now I'm sure there must be plenty of other hermits ou there, but due to our very nature we're not exactly running into each other! Haha kinda funny... but the people I do interact with always want to go out and do stuff, cuz they're not hermits, see it's like this vicious cycle. Ok not really but I swear sometimes I think it would be easier to come out as gay (I'm not but no problem with anyone who is) than as a hermit, I mean, I don't think people would try to set me up on dates with men if I came out as a lesbian but as a hermit everyone wants me to get out more. I'm not afraid of going out or anything, I just prefer a hike in the backyard to strolling the public concrete. Plus, my cats follow me all through the forest. It's hilarious, I'm like a sheppard or something. Plus the forest smells a lot better than downtown. Anyway...

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