Monday, May 28, 2007

Ok so I am a noob and I am expirimenting so bear with me... Now attempting to share some photos with you. Whenever I tell people that my cats go hiking with me they seem rather surprised, but what surprises me is that their cats don't! So here is (hopefully, if I can figure this out ) some photographic evidence. Lilly, my fluffly gray and white beauty, is the least amused by hiking.. CommonLaw ( fiancee ) says it's cuz she's floofy she's an indoor cat but that seems kinda discriminatory to me, like, just cuz I have big feet i'm clumsy (so not clumsy). Okay so really I just wanted an excuse to display my cats.. I must have over a thousand pictures of them but I made myself start throwing away at least the blurry ones! That's Clarence, our redheaded woodpile orphan, Lilly, and Pheonix ( yes I spell it that way cuz "phoenix" looks like you would pronounce it "foh een ix"). Anyway, they are great and funny hikng companions. One time I was just standing still, taking in the forest, when a crashing to my left announced a deer that didn't see me- the dang thang almost slammed right into me but stopped at the last second literally 4 feet from me. We eyed each other for a minute and then it bounded away, Pheonix intently tracking it. Certain he could take it down himself, I'm sure, but alas it got away.
Tomorrow I have to work 10, maybe 11 hours for 8 hours pay... that's the price of a 3 day weekend and honestly, I'd rather just not have the holiday. I have promised to scream the next time someone tells me what a good job I have. Seriously, it's like food service- every one should have to work it for a couple months in their lifetime just so they can see what it's really like. Make that, how awful it really is. But I did enjoy 3 days away from there, though the longer I'm gone the harder it is to go back. Especially days like tomorrow when I have to get up at 4am... I'm toying with the idea of working 6-5 instead of 5-4. Oh well, when I think about it as just one day that will definitly come to an end no matter how hard it is, I can do it. Just one day. And as my coworker said once, "we all have our crosses to bear". LOL I know it's really not that bad, it's just work, but still, misery loves company so while I'm at work tomorrow I can know I'm not alone, others are bearing their crosses too!
Like Pheonix, laying on the porch in a puddle of sun.. his life is hard! He has to eat food and chase bugs! It's rough! :)

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