Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Biffle fo' shizzle

Awww can you feel the love? "Um, no, that's Clarence's tongue." Pheonix does not exactly reciprocate Clarence's affection, but he puts up with it. Clarence would love Lilly too, if she would just let him. Okay now before you start thinkin this blog is going to be blah blah my my cats blah blah blah cute... well that is only going to be PART of the goings on! I could tell you all about the cuuute dog I met today, but I won't. See, the title today is FRIENDS. Biffle is my enunciation of the acronym (is that the right word?) for BFFL, best friends for life.
I watched the new King Kong movie today after work (only 8 hours today woot!) and it was really good, and really sad, and I totally cried. Actually, what I did was suffer severe throat cramping while 3 tears squeezed past my attempted barrier. Maybe 5 tears, while luckily CommonLaw (my soulmate BFFL)'s head was in my lap so I could hide my crying. And here's what I started thinking: If I can fart, not that I do such things as fart, in front of CommonLaw, how come crying from a movie is too embarrassing to stand? When I was a kid and I read Where The Red Fern Grows, I bawled for at least an hour. Without any embarrassment at all! So then I started thinking about another BFFL of mine who also loves that book AND cries every time he reads it. And he doesn't mind admitting it, come to think of it, I dont mind the admitting either. Just don't let any one SEE me cry.
Anyway, so I got to thinking about this BFFL and how he's my hermit BFFL, the one who TOTALLY understands that if you're not at work, you're at home, or maybe grabbing food on the way there. If only Safeway delivery was free. And even though we havent hung out in over a year, or even talked much for that matter, we will still always be biffles. That's what the word means after all. Yes, that's what happens when 2 hermits are friends... We used to live a block apart, and that was awesome, cuz for some reason leaving my shell was fine when it was only 60 seconds away, and not only that, I was entering ANOTHER hermit shell. And we always had a blast. Sometimes we'd just sit and read the paper together, not even talking, just enjoying each other's company. More often though, we'd crack a couple beers, play some double solitaire ( he almost always won), or just talk for hours and hours, about music, politics, life.. Sadly, he moved, and so did I, and while we live in the same county, maybe 9 miles and 20/25 minutes appart, and hell, have the same JOB (different offices though), we just don't get out to each other's places. But I know we'll hang out again someday. When I finally get my own land, he is soooooo welcome to come put up a cabin, pull up a rocker, and have a home brewed beer with me. Even if just for a visit. A tear may sneak outta me then, or 3, but it'll be okay. I'll probably be all mature like him by then. :P

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