Saturday, February 16, 2008

Good News ...?

I'm interrupting my gripping tale of job resignation to share this breaking news: my landlord sent me a text message. I guess when your voicmail is full that's what people have to do. Anyway, it said, "Hi, it's your landlord. I have good news. Call me".

Ponder that for a second. What could possibly be good news, from a landlord to a tenant? "Hey, I won the lottery, I'm giving you the cabin". Whoah, okay that's a bit ridiculous, ha ha sorry. I am guessing it's more like, "Hey, I just realized that studios rent for less than you pay AND the utilities are included! Plus they have double pane windows and -" okay now I'm perching on the edge of bitter. Kind of like when I wish the company vehicle had anti-lock brakes.

I know, it's a choice to live in the second most expensive county in the U.S. of A. Which is why I'm leaving. I finally got the guts to at least broach the subject with my coworkers (Bosslady being thankfully absent). I posed it in the form of what if. "Do you think I should move to AZ to chase my dreams and see what else this world has to experience?" I tried to sound nonchalant but my nervous tone possibly betrayed me.

The funny thing is, after having listened to them proclaim time after time that "this is the best job in the universe", I thought they would be colectively discouraging. ("Better than being a professional athlete?" I would counter. "Better than being paid to scuba dive off the coast of Madagascar, taking pictures of coral reefs?" I knew a guy who actually did that, for National Geographic.) To my pleasant suprise, my colleagues took my question under serious consideration. The vote was fairly quick, and it was unanimus. Yes.

Now, I don't actually expect or desire or think I deserve to be handed anything on a silver platter, despite my lottery mention. I know that work is part of life, whether you enjoy or despise the particular job you do. It's just that, after having no electricity for two days for reasons that had nothing to do with weather or tree branches or other acts of nature, I'm ready for good news to really be good news. So why do I feel so full of dread?

P.S. I'm making breakfast now and thought this was a really pretty egg. :)

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Anonymous said...

okay, we are all waiting with bated breath.......