Thursday, February 28, 2008

Love to read

I love to read. If I go for more than a day without reading something, anything, I start feeling stir crazy. When I'm on my ten minute lunch, I'll read the "postive outlook" propaganda that gets distributed to all the offices. You know, the company newsletter that tries to convince us our job is like living in a disney movie. Well, that's how desperate I get for reading material. Bitterness aside, that particular rag is always at least good for a laugh or two. Like when it mentions our "average" salary. Whoops, there I go again.

I actually had a point to make about READING. I only have six (WOOOOHOOOOOOO) workdays left anyway, so let it go, right? So, reading. I want to give people something to read. At work I think of the best posts to write (pardon the egomania) and yet, when I get home I'm too pooped to do more than plant my rear on the softest available surface with a nearby screen for zoning out. However, I do have something for you to read. If you're really, really, bored. Or pooped from a long workday. Or both. So While I get to transcribing it, here are some pretty pics for ya.

P.S. While a departure from regularly scheduled cat fawnings and garden lamenting, the coming story installments will always be second to any exciting new developements in the world of hermitdom. Is that an oxymoron? Exciting... hermitage...? Naaaaaah.

Nevermind I hate blogger!!! Never takes my pictures! ARRRRRG thats all I could get. I'm off to transcribe now. (these are from going to the beach with my sis- don't worry, I WILL email you those sooner or later!)

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