Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mighty Mouth

Pheonix has a very unique voice. He says, "Puurr-row row? Merrow?", Whereas Maggie May has a teeny tiny voice. It sounds like, "mi? mi?". If she even makes a sound at all.

Well, I had this wild burst of energy, and I tore up the hill, Pheonix leading the way. I didn't go that far, or, I should say, MAKE it that far, I think there was some excess body weight slowing me down. Naw, I was probably just tired. Anyway, I stopped just around one of the giant Douglas firs and sat down. These trees are easily five - seven feet in diameter, so it's more like a wall than a tree when you're sitting against one.

Pheonix had just hopped into my lap when I heard the most awful screaming yowl, and it wasn't just one, it was yowl after yowl. At first I thought one of my kitties was hurt, badly, and I jumped to my feet, (despite Pheonix's disgruntled protest) and looked around the tree down toward home and street. Had a bad driver finally done what I'd always feared?

No. There was little Maggie with giant scared eyes, standing at the bottom of the hill looking up. I usually take liesurely strolls with my cats, so I can kep an eye out and make sure no one gets lost. Plus there is a LOT to sniff, and listen to, and we like to enjoy the forest unhurried. This time, though, I hadn't even realized Maggie was outside and wanted to come with me. She was left behind, and so unhappy about it that she cried out at the top of her lungs for me.

I called out to her, and her pointy ears were like homing missiles. As soon as she saw me heading toward her, she toned down to her usual tiny mews. I felt pretty darn loved. I didn't realize how much I'm her safety. You would think the fact that she sleeps next to my head every night might have tipped me off. In fact, when it's bed time, I call her and she comes running, settling into the corner between my pillow and the wall. Then Sebastian curls up at my feet. Then Lilly stretches out along my side. And then I can't move for the rest of the night lest I disturb anyone. And my chest swells with so much happiness I can hardly breathe.

Pheonix, meanwhile, prefers the fishtank, but he gets his snuggle time on hikes. Also when ever I catch him napping and he looks so darn cute I have to squeal and pet him. Hmmm, which is a lot of the time. You think he's working an angle?


Robert said...


Your cats sure are lucky critters. I know that hill, the one you call a back yard. No wonder Maggie was whining.

Anonymous said...

toooo funny! your kitties are very lucky kitties, they got a sweet loving momma.....