Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Random Chance pushes Lady Luck aside

Driving to work when it's starting to get light out is so much nicer than driving to work before the sun even thinks about getting up. I really don't think it's fair that the sun gets to hit the snooze button longer than me. I don't care if life's not fair, it should be a rule- the sun gets up first! And yes, I'm still driving to work. See, I have sunday and monday off, and the monday that I wrote about the adventures of trestle walking and job resigning, fate stepped in. Wait, I don't believe in fate. Random chance stepped in.

Actually, random chance stepped in the previous friday, when I was heading to work, admiring the sunrise. The captivating beauty of the sky calmed me that morning, because I had originally intended FRIDAY to be the day I resigned. All my fears and agonizing and stressing and hemming and hawing over every tiny detail of the massive decision to start a new life had culminated in a night of insomnia. When I came out of the thick forest and into the dawn I felt suddenly at peace with my choice, I even felt a quiet strength. My doubt became hope.

And then my boss wasn't at work.

I had this letter all nicely printed up and folded into careful thirds (thats hard, ya know):

To my Bosslady, I am resigning. Please consider this my three week notice, february 1st being my last day. I feel lucky to have had this job and regret that I must leave. I wish you and everyone here the best- I will miss the comraderie.
Sincerely, Me

Okay, I don't know how "professional" that is or anything, but it took me five drafts to get that. And then, since she wasn't there I wasn't going to work with her until tuesday. So, fine, I'd have to rewrite it and change the dates and it would be a 2 and a half week notice instead of three, etc. So be it. Except then Mr. Random Chance doesn't just step in, (yes, I'm making it masculine since Luck is a Lady) no, Mr. RC YANKS the rug out from under me. Or, more literally, the stairs. The slick painted, wet all winter, no tread on them stairs. Ouch.

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soooo did ya do it yet????????????