Friday, June 1, 2007


Today the cover of people magazine has a picture of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's 1year old baby, and when I saw her big blue eyes I thought, "how cute, her eyes are still blue. I wonder what color they'll turn". Oh wait, that's KITTENS. Finding this funny I shared with my coworkers. They said I need to interact with people more. Or get out more.
Later, when I was clocking out, my boss walked up to me, all serious, the "I am so pissed, you messed up again" look on her face, and I was thinking oh boy the perfect end to the perfect day, what did I do? "Guess what?" she says, and it's like when the cop asks if you know why he pulled you over and you're thinking, great, I have to GUESS now?? And you say, "um, no.. ?" When really you're thinking ah crap I totally entered that intersection at the EXACT SECOND the light turned yellow, or, omg I was SO going 38 in a 35 zone- okay maybe YOU don't stress about things that tiny... anyway, at work I was thinking oh damn I totally messed up my time log or something causing hours of computerwork for her (and there is NO HIGH SPEED INTERNET at our office) and I say "what?". And she doesn't say anything because I didn't guess and the silence stretches as her frown deepens and her eyebrows raise and her hand on her hip and I'm like OMG WHAT!?!???? It's gotta be sooooo bad I'm so in deep you know what oh man and she finally says "I got another kitten today". And at first I'm like WHEW and then wait her face isn't changing... she still looks mad.... "from here," she adds. Aw crap it's the strays she begrudgingly lets us feed out back as long as they don't breed they had kittens again didn't they! Yes, yes they did. I am now eyeing the table nearby wondering if I can crawl under it and just hide. Wondering if I should try to take them home anything to appease the boss lady... but you heard the "another" part, right? She may be the scary authority figure but actually the last time the stray had kittens Bosslady took them ALL home for keeps, and these are feral too. AND her family had just gotten FOUR more kittens because their cat died and now here she is ready to add even more to her household! So then I actually COULD relax, and we went out to the berry bushes out back and she pointed them out. I tried not to let lose the high pitched "aaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeheeeheeeeeeeeee!!!!!" that I have almost no control over when in the presence of tiny furred babies and nearly fainted from lack of oxygen for my trouble (jk) since the mother saw me anyway. So, while it was a kitteny day, I did not bring any home. Aren't you impessed? Of course, I have to work tomorrow... and I'll be there just KNOWING that there are TINY FURRY ADORABLE BABY KITTIES in the berry bushes!!!!!!!!!
That's it, I need to go get my yahyah's out now. I have a 5min 7 sec run up my back hill to beat.. maybe I'll get some good action shots of Pheonix when we run back down.

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