Friday, July 18, 2008

Frugal Frannie's Friday Fun! pt. 2

Pardon the intermission in my tale of flames and treasure, but I've been meaning to do a little F.F.F.F. for awhile now. More raku tomorrow!

About 35 miles from here is a super WallyWorld. It has, literally, everything that you could ever need to purchase, but also everything you didn't know you needed. Or wanted. And it's all cheap. Two dollar bottles of wine. Prescription drugs that are 40 bucks a month- for 3 dollars a month. Clothes. Goldfish. Remote controlled mice toys for your pets. Live plants (!!!! no morning glory seeds!!!!! :O GAsp!!!) canning jars, swimsuits, office supplies, microwaves, etc. You get the picture.

Well, Mom and her friend went there, and I opted to wait in the car, because:

IMPORTANT FRUGAL TIP: If you don't go shopping you won't spend money!!!!!!

Sounds stupidly obvious, right? But I challenge anyone to put it to the test. After a half hour in the car, I was getting pretty bored. I thought, maybe I should just go buy a magazine or something to read. Then I thought, a magazine is only a one time piece of entertainment, and at least 3 dollars. I checked my purse. I had several pens. I decided a notebook would be much more productive, and cheaper.

I could have waited in the car for the entire hour and a half, twidling my thumbs and trying to keep my brain from melting out my ears from non use. I could have saved that 97 cents. But I went in. I grabbed the first, cheapest spiral bound, 70 page, college ruled notebook I saw. Actually I pulled the black one out of the stack. Then I all but ran for the check out lines.

Halfway there I considered my flimsy little purchase. Obviously there's no desk in the back seat of a honda. Maybe I should get something sturdier? I went back. I perused the stacks of four dollar, five divider, sturdy notebooks. Just as I reached for one, my little Frannie voice yelled, "NO!!!! You said you would JUST buy the cheapest one, GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!!!!!". And I listened. It was tough, and I spent money, but a dollar for not just an hour and a half of entertainment but also mind exersizes and creativity was worth it. And I still have 67 pages left. So....

IMPORTANT FRUGAL TIP #2: For the glove of lod, do not make impulse buys!!! Have a list and resist!! hmmm good chant. Have a list, and resist! Have a list, and resist! Have a list and resist! DO NOT DEVIATE FROM LIST!!

Kay that's all. Good luck.

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Robert said...

You're too much. My gut hurts from laughing. Can't wait to hear about the 67 pages.