Saturday, July 19, 2008

Raku Pit Fire Pt. 4

Ah, where was I? Pheonix, having overseen the activities the night before, was quite professionally ready to continue his duties. That's his beer bottle from then, I swear. Luckily zombies don't prowl in the daylight, so he got to keep his full attention on the fire.

Oops, which I didn't. That darn sunrise distracted me for a sec there. Holy moly that went up quick!

Whaoh. Look out, Mom. Oh, and there was NO lighter fluid involved. NONE, I tells ya. It was a totally boy scout legit fire. Really.

Oooooh heh heh. Fiiiiire. Fire is pretty. It is mesmirizing. (AARRGGGH I can't spell that word and I even tried googling it grrrrrrr)

Oooh. Fire is hot. Stepping back now....

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