Thursday, July 17, 2008

Raku Pit Fire Pt. 3

Ah, is there anything better than being up at 5am to light a gigantic fire? How 'bout getting up at 4:30? Which I did. I wasn't sure if Potterman and Mom were up yet, so I went and weeded the garden for awhile, and admired the sunrise. Then I heard Potterman knocking on my door to see if I was awake heehee! So I called up from the garden that I was indeed.

Now, being very responsible adults about to light a huge fire, first we hosed down the surrounding ground and trees. We re-doused the ground as it dried from the heat of the blaze as well.

Yowza. Did I mention how beautiful the sunrise was? You know, I've been catching a lot more of 'em than I thought I would when I quit my job. I honestly doubted I would ever see one again. But sleepy as I am when witnessing them, I am very glad I get to.

But now for the real fun. LIGHTING THE FIRE WOOHOOO!

Oooh, P.S., I forgot to mention an important step in the pre lighting process: Haiku. Or a prayer, or positive words. Do not skip this step! Mom, Potterman and I each wrote something on a piece of paper and tucked them down into the wood. A kind of blessing, or maybe letters to the pottery gods. Anyhoo, soon you shall see how it worked!

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Anonymous said...

wow, I can hardly wait to see how the pots come out!!!
love you, granny