Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Raku Pit Fire Pt. 2

Pheonix keeps an eye out for coyotes and bears and brain eating zombies, because by this time it was dark and we couldn't wait another day because the faire wasn't going to wait. So we soldiered on. It was a lot of work, standing there with the camera. Cause you know, yiu don't just GET the right shot. Okay I'm so kidding. I was so stoked I was the chronicler and basically all I had to do was watch. See, look at Potterman putting all sorts of chemicals and metals on the pots, for color. I think he even used steel wool, like the kind u wash dishes with. But then again, don't take my word for it. I was just an observer. I think there was some copper wire, too, OH yeah, and I do know that there were mothballs. I think they make blue-green.

Then it was time to bury it all, for people 2,000 years in the future to excavate. Haha.

First some more gentle sawdust to cushion the pots. Then wood. Lots of it. In fact, we ended up piling several feet of wood on. I threw a piece on, and Potterman inhaled sharply. Hey, uh, Hermitgrrl, we gotta PLACE the wood on GENTLY because we are loading pounds of trees onto POTS. OH, heh heh. Duh. My bad. LOL if I was him I woulda been mad, but he just treated it as my learning experience. He kicks ass.

By know we needed light, and I suggested grabbing some outdoor lights we have. Um, but we didn't have a long enough extension cord. So I got my car. I love using 4-wheel drive!!!!!! It's like I'm doing my car justice. Letting it do what it was made to. There's a word for it, kinda. Funktionslust- not sure how you spell it- looks german (sis? you know?) but I read about it in this book called When Elephants Weep which argues for animals actually having feelings and not being just bio machines. Most scientists call it anthropomorphism- giving animals and (lumped in the same category) inanimate objects feelings- but this book was showing how animals get sheer joy from expressing their physical capabilities to the fullest. Like a gazelle leaping across the african plains is apt to be a lot bouncier than one hanging it's head in a cold cement cell in a zoo.

My car is totally expressing funktionslust. And if you have any doubts left on where I stand on the whole debate: Her name is Edie.
Raku updates tomorrow!!

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