Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hermit Ranch

Sebastian likes to pretend she's a wild animal stalking the jungle. Okay, maybe I like to pretend that I'm doing the stalking, of wild animals in their natural settings. Wait, did I say pretend? What am I, twelve? This cub seems unaware of the danger humans represent. The natural curiosity of felines has been quoted as a popular demise for individuals of the species, but here in Hermit Ranch all cats are microchipped and constantly monitored. This may account for the lack of fear displayed, though youth most likely plays a part.

Lilly, the dominant female of the group, surveys her domain. Using scent glands in her paws and cheeks, she leaves her mark high up on trees to confuse rivals and predators about her true size.

Pheonix, the patriarch of the tribe, cleans between his toes while Lilly stands guard duty. Good hygiene is essential for survival, and is seen to whenever a moment arises. Some social grooming can occur, most often between siblings, though Clarence, the social butterfly (not pictured) has been seen grooming all tribe members. However, most standings in the group are taken more seriously, and woe to the cub who pokes a nose where it doesn't belong.

Ah, the sound of kibbles hitting the dinner dish. The wild life of danger and adventure is interrupted when food is poured from a bag. Visit Hermit Ranch next time for candid shots of mischievous cubs, proud hunters, and rolls in the catnip.


Teryn said...

Heh heh.

Anonymous said...

like the obsevations! animal higherarchy!!!!!!!!! (sp of course!)

milo is not ready to start socializing with his buds yet, gonna take longer to get over his mental woundings than his physical ones, poor dear, he is running up the hill again but got all aggressive and napoleon like with his dog buddies so will wait a few more weeks before trying that again.....

glad you are blogging again. love you!

daddums said...

Hey Hermitgirl,
This post is off-topic, but I thought Id give you an update of our travels. Your sis took really good care of us during our stay in Cologne. We ate lots of good German food and drank some really good Kolsch (local style of beer). It was cold, but we climbed the 500 plus stairs to the top of the DOM (cathedral) to catch the views of the city and the Rhine. What a site! Then we traveled to Salzburg, Innsbruck, and to Venice (where Im writing from). Tomorrow to Sienna, then ... who knows... All is well. Hugs.

Jenn said...

I have voices for each of my animals, complete with accents.

It's lonely, sometimes here, in the castle.