Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It looks like the aliens have landed, and this is their vehicle. You know, the aliens I may have inadvertently caused an intergalactic "incident" with. This landing pod was almost a foot and a half in diameter. It seems to have been abandoned; perhaps there is a hibernation stage between arrival and attack during which the aliens physically prepare for battle on this foreign planet. Obviously I'm kidding. It WAS a fourteen inch mushroom, though, biggest I ever saw. Eight inchers I see several times a damp season, maybe ten, but this thing was so huge it couldn't support it's own weight. Cool.

Clarence is being a pumpkin for halloween. Neither of us had to dress up this year- he's orange, I went to work as a disgruntled employee. HAHAHA. Kidding! One of my coworkers was a pirate, another a clown, and they were great costumes, really elaborate. White glittery false eyelashes and jumbo shoes with multi color daisies, and a realistic 17th century looking captains hat, one of those humpbacked with frills ones. I forgot it even was going to be Halloween until last night. It used to be my favorite holiday, I don't know what happened.
Oh, I love useless facts, so here's one I heard on NPR on the way to work: Halloween is the fourth biggest cash cow event of the year, after Christmas (of course #1) New Year's, and the Superbowl. Wait, is it THE superbowl, or just superbowl? Yeah, not much of a sports fan. Ok, not a sports fan at all, heh heh. What kind of american am I, anyway? I heard the red sox (socks?) were doing good in the world series, but I couldnt tell you who they were playing against or if it was even over yet. GASP! Forget I displayed my ignorance. I have to go make some oatmeal. It's almost dark and you never know, I might get a trick or treater. I heard the look on their faces is priceless when you plop a scoop of oatmeal on their bag of candy.


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Anonymous said...

i think that mushroom is an old tennis shoe, actually...... i really thought that was what it was a pic of... hard to see a mushyroomy in it.......

you dint do no halloweening?????????????? i was a green witch and robin was a purple one and we took the kids around and about and it was fun!

glad y'alls bloggin some again

much love, mum.....