Sunday, October 21, 2007

King Sleep

I went to bed around midnight last night. Kind of early for a weekend. I woke at 7, fed the cats, debated staying up, and decided to just lay in bed. That's the best thing about sleeping in- not even sleeping, just laying in bed, all cozy and warm, for an hour after you've woken up. Pheonix has obviously taking the joy of sleep to new heights.

Yes, the windshield wiper. Better than a thousand dollar mattress. I fell back to sleep until noon, heh heh, but Pheonix makes me look like an early riser. I think he sleeps about 18 hours a day. And he doesn't need heaps of blankets and pillows, lucky terd.

Aaaaaaw, but who could begrudge a face like that a litle sleep? He knows how to tug my heart strings juuuuust right. He's behind my computer right now, his second favorite place to nap. In fact, when I get home and he's there, I say, "Would you like me to turn your heater on darling?" And I turn my computer on for him. It's a really good thing he can't speak english, because I'm wrapped around his pinky toe. Can you imagine? My whole paycheck would go to fresh fish and electric blankets!
I think he's spoiled enough as it is. But, again, who could say no to that face? Excuse me, I have to go pet him now.

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