Friday, October 19, 2007

Swirly Trees Stop Flow and Kids R Mean (waah)

Oh my gad this picture makes me dizzy and nauseaus. That's why I thought I'd share it. I'm just wondering if it's just me. It makes me even more queasy than the photo of Lilly eating brains out of a broken open squirrel head. GROSS. Perhaps you wonder why I have such a picture? I wonder too. Just be glad I didn't post that one.

A tree affected thousands of people in my area today. It fell across all four lanes of the lifeline highway between the monster city and my county. The delivery truck couldn't get to my office, and we all sat around, unpaid, for 2 hours. At work. Now THAT will make a person nauseaus.

I got that photo trying to catch Sebastian on the tree. I obviously wasn't holding still for the shutter, but can you make her out? Or does it make you ill like it does me? If so, appologies! I had much nicer pics but my computer just couldn't handle the information.

Omg, I need a faster comp. I had 24 people stand around watching me fail, talking in my headset about what a loser I was, and sending me typed messages to the same effect all because my comp is too slow. They were counting on me in a dungeon raid, and I let them down. Man, it was worse than highschool, the ostracism, the taunting and ridicule, the panic, the nervous sweat, the pain in the pit of my stomach. Wait, this IS a game, right? Sigh. At least my guildmaster apologized later. And I got another invite the next day, so I haven't been branded permanantly as an outcast. I'm just wondering, though, does anyone ACTUALLY have fond memories of highschool? For really real? And why am I taking highschool gamers seriously? Can you believe that's my ESCAPE?? Sheesh.... And back to game I go, for more testing of my herd animal limits. Maybe if I buy candy for all the cool kids they'll like me. Otherwise I'll send them pictures of squirrel brain.


Anonymous said...

I think I can maker out, but it still makes me nauseus as ache EEE double hockey stick!!

:-)I´m up early over hear in Deutschland and can´t seem to fall asleep, so I thought I´d check in on my sister....


Anonymous said...

yeah send the squirel brain pic the self centered lil you know whats!!!!!!!!!!

i love the pic! course maybe my brain works that way! ha!

nice spelling of the hell word doogie, i like it!

kinda like my dentist saying "son of a motherless goat" or "stone sucking pigs" when my crown didn't go right

lala, i don't know anyone who liked high school thou i have to admit i had a lot of fun the first year and a lot of fun in track the last 2 years and french was cool, but too many arses, mean mean kids.... just not healthy to put that many in that age group together, gets kind of lord of the flys like....

i kinda wanna see lily eating the brains... (o morbid me)

glad you are back to blooging... maybe your bro can get some more memory brain stuff for your computer or you could barrow some from lillies next kill!

love you, mum

Teryn said...

Ahhhgh. I can't look at that picture. I need some dramamine.