Monday, October 1, 2007

Murderous Buckaroo

I found these black acorns on a hike today. They are so pretty. They don't look like the others I've been collecting, but I didn't see any different kind of tree where I found them. The green ones turn brown, not black, so maybe these ones have the plague or something.

I am so not allowed to hike without my camera ever again. I don't know why I even did. I was listening to a hawk calling out above me when I heard a crunching in the leaves to my right. I was on a little deer path, almost to the crest of a hill, and there, peeking over the curve of the mountain, was a buck. Less than twenty feet away. I held still, and he watched me, too. The cats were all up on their hind legs like meerkats. I could see the beautiful markings on his face, tan and white and black, and his antlers had three points each.

I heard more noise behind him, but couldn't see, so I think he had a friend with him. I thought for a second he might charge me, so he would look brave in front of his friend. I should have told him to leave my garden alone! Last night some of his breathren went on a murderous rampage, stripping the last of the tomatoes, glories, potatoes, and four o'clocks. They even ate some of my baby trees that they'd never touched before, dang forest cows.

I didn't yell at him, though. It was too cool just to be so close, deep in his turf like that. Then, just when Pheonix decided he wanted a closer look, the kittens decided this was WAY too scary and took off and up the closest tree. The crashing spooked the buck, and he too crashed away. I was able to see how big he was as he bounded up the hill, and was suddenly glad I hadn't pissed him off. He was HUGE!! I didn't see his friend, though I scrambled up the ridge for a better look.

When the noise of their dash had faded, I heard a far off mewing, and knew it was Lilly, who hadn't started the hike with us. She probably realized she was missing out, which she does a lot, and wanted us to go back for her, which, after calling for the spooked kittens and Pheonix, who was still stalking the departed deer, I did. She was so glad to see me that she jumped up onto my leg- ouch. She's a lil' booger, but I sure love her.

Next time I'll make sure I don't leave without her. Or my camera. The least that buck could do in return for the tender morsels of my garden is hold still for a few close ups. The murderous cow.


Anonymous said...

hi sweet pea,

check your e-mail for a very curious use of the sqwash you were wearing on your arm, you wil love it!

soooo what time frame are you thinking of fer moving out here?

am so looking forward to chickens and gardening and you!

will send new card asap, love you! mum

Anonymous said...

hi! dear Lala! am very much missing your interestng writings. do hope all is well with you. If you ever need anything you can always call me you know. this is the best way I know to reach you. the weather's been glorious hasn't it??
love you, grancat

jill said...

Where are you hermitgrrl? I miss your writing. I need a cat update :)

Teryn said...

I miss you too!

daddums said...

Missing you and your writings too...

BTW - I've heard from several of your 'fans' saying, "Where is Hermitgirl?"

Hoping you are OK, just otherwise occupied...

Off to see your Eurogirl sis in about a week. Give a call when you can...especially if you need anything...

Anonymous said...

yo lala girl. are we on for dinner next weekend? and would Saturday be better for you? I heard from Trev that you're occupied with a new game. would love to hear from you if you can tear yourself away!
love you, gran