Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rain, Rain, Come to Stay

It's cold and gray and wet out. And beautiful. I think just about all weather is beautiful; sunny days with puffy blue clouds, dark thrashing storms, bleached saunas, shimmering rain... but gray days are my favorite. In the dead of night when a rustle in the dark might be an animated corpse shuffling closer, the next day the glaring reality of the sun sends all such thoughts safely back to the realm of fiction. An overcast day, though, is in between the two extremes, and it always feels mysterious, like magic is more possible now than at any "witching hour" or friday the 13th. Like I might just catch a glipse of a unicorn swirling through the mist, or goblin peeking from a tree branch. Nothing malevolent, like the fears of dark. Just a thinner line between the known and the unknown. Hey, what are you doing with that strait jacket? Shoo, I say.

I do get some magical feelings from sunny days, like when I sit in the July noon for an hour, sweat running down me, watching the tall grasses wave... It's medically proven that sun causes euphoria, that's why people get addicted to tanning booths. I heard it on NPR so it has to be true. I may have mentioned this before, it's just that I get a kick out of scientific studies stating what I already know: nature gets you high, man! Whether it's getting your zen on with a view, sun induced euphoria, or seeping fog tendrils teasing your thoughts.

Well, we're still in stage 2 water conservation, though the rain is here. And I guess when I say it's cold out, I'm forgetting Febuary when it was in the teens and twenties the WHOLE month. But it's not just me that finds this lovely weather nippy- check the Lillometer:

The thing on the window might say 50 degrees, but I'd have to guess even lower by Lilly's settings. Just what is that foot doing sticking out like that? She's curled up tighter than a hibernating squirrel, but she forgot her foot! I couldn't help laughing out loud at this, though I managed to control my louder squeals at her cuteness. She woke up anyway, untucked her head long enough to say "mra-mrow" at me, and then tucked her head right back in. Aaaaaahhh, yup, one more thing in nature that makes me literally dizzy with euphoric love and gidiness. My kitties!


jill said...

I'm so happy for kitty updates and knowing you're still alive! And yes, those gray days are my favorite too. The only weather I don't like is windy, but those overcast days make me feel so unexposed and cozy. Glad you're back in blog world.

daddums said...

Yep. Sweater weather is upon us. It's the beginning of the season of the long damp, here in Cold Gulch.

Anonymous said...

beautiful writing, dear Lala! do you want to go ot to dinner next weekend??
love, gran

The HOR blogger said...

Ok I thought the kitty was licking it's butt. I still thought it was funny but your explanation is better ;)

I can totally get on the weather boat with you. Ok well exept for when it's REALLY humid and hot. Your mention of sitting and just sweating made me want to go home and turn off my heat and turn ON the air conditioner. But HEY! At least when it's hot as hell out we get air conditioning and ice cream and swimming. Gotta love it!

Anonymous said...

hi baby doll,

you really gotta check outyhis web site and maybe post some of your over the top cat photos on is a gas!!!!!!

love you, mum