Saturday, September 29, 2007

Acorns and Swan Gourds

Is that the fricken coolest gourd ever or what??? I had to get it even if it will only end up being a decoration (you can eat them, right?). There were so many weird ones at the store, but this one hooked over my arm juuuust right while I finished shopping. People kept double-taking and giggling. I don't blame 'em. This wasn't even the most hilarious one, and I wanted to get more, but that would be frivolous, and besides, I was starting to feel kind of silly walking around with this thing, and if I had THREE I might have started blushing with all the staring going on. I blush easily, and it is RED. Anyway, I'm glad I got it. It's sitting propped up on the counter and every time I look at it I just get a kick out of how weird and pretty it is.

Oh man, and speaking of people thinking I'm silly... yesterday around dusk I was out picking up acorns for the kitties. I was watching the ground, not where I was going, and had wandered up the neighbors driveway without realizing he was standing there watching me (it was the cool dad at least).
"Uh... what are you doing?" I suddenly heard.
"HAHA! Oh, heh heh, collecting acorns, 'cause my cats like to play with them...."
"OHHHH, I thought someone threw a bunch of money on the ground or something!" We both laughed, and he helped me collect some while we chatted a bit. Some times I get a WEE bit caught up in my own little world, but it was really funny. Money, heehee, funny stuff!


jill said...

I don't think gourds are edible...squash, yes, gourds, no. But it really looks cool! There are so many odd colored and shaped ones out there and it's quite fun to just have a few around the house this time of year. On the Arizona're going to love it. Yeah for good changes!

Anonymous said...

pretty funny bout the acrons and sqwsh bracelett! talked to morgan this am and she is very happy you are moving here.... also she will be in ca around jan, feb and can help with your move if you are coming then or after her class which goes from march to may i think.....

glad you have one nice neighbor...

hugs, love you mom

Anonymous said...

so happy for you, Lala dear!!!!!!
and I'll help with the move in any way I can. BTW,the offer to pay your tuition to go to college on-line still holds. I was talking to Karla yesterday, and she's getting a degree next June in that way!!
and so glad we have this method to communicate.
love, gran

Amber said...

That is a VERY cool gourd! You can always paint it white with a ghost face and hang it on a tree...*grin* but I'd hate to cover up that color!

Dry it up and make it a shaker! That's always fun. Freaks out the kitties, too.