Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gardening: from 10 sq ft to 2,000

The trailer shower:

Cuz seriously, not only is the shower ridiculously small, which I could handle, but it only gives about three minutes of hot water. Which I'd rather not handle. I mean, sure, I've done the whole conservation thing where you turn the water off when soaping up and only turn it on for rinsing. It's especially fun how when you turn the water back on each time it starts off cold. Whee. It was a real tough choice turning it into my greenhouse. Besides, Mom and Potterman have that dream shower, with the endless hot water thanks to a tankless heater. Plus we have unlimited water from the well. I guess technically fresh water is always limited, in a global sense, but.... well I'm sure I'll come up with some good justification for my 20 minute showers. Oh! I only take one every other day. There. And I don't stink, either.

Actually, this is my garden to be. That sounds like bride to be. Of course, the garden is going to kick so much ass that I probably will want to marry it. At this very moment Potterman, who borrowed a bobcat (tractor thingy) from his work, is getting dirt from a dug out drain ditch and filling in the rock terraces I made. Then we're going to mix in the truckload (literally) of horse manure that we got. Yesterday we put in about fifty fence posts, and we're getting wire next week to finish off the elk defense. So basically, we're going to have a gigantic garden. We're planting way more than we can possibly eat before it goes bad, because we're going to can the heck out of as much as possible, and we're going to dry stuff too.

I can't take credit for this awesome trellis- Mom made it. We're planting the peas around it this evening.
Unfortunately yesterday in the post operation -haha- my hand got jackhammered, so it'll be a couple days before I can shovel the manure. Nothing broken, just a helluva bruise and swelling, and I can't use it for much. Turns out my left hand doesn't know how to brush teeth, or hair, or spread cream cheese so that's kind of annoying. It's also kind of funny, though, Mom with her broken ankle and me with my black and blue hand- we ran some errands today and she can't drive or carry stuff what with her crutches and I couldn't turn the key to start the car or carry much either! Honestly, it was hilarious, her reaching over to start the car so I could drive. Gimpy and Limpy, that's us. We'll be better soon, and running our own entire produce department to boot! Exciting!!

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