Saturday, May 24, 2008

I spoil my kitties.

My cats don't like the health food I bought them, but I haven't been giving in to their demands for something tastier. Until tonight. My coping mechanism for dealing with Sebastian's death is my usual method- a kind of sick mix of denial and ignorance. I just try to do anything but think of her. TV is a great distraction, so is the book I'm reading, video games, hell, tequila if that's what it takes.

But today I couldn't make myself forget about her, so with ten minutes to closing I headed for the grocery store. That would make it 7:50, have I mentioned they roll up the sidewalks at dusk here? Anyway, I wanted to get my kitties a treat. Something fantastic that they rarely get, like canned food or tuna. I wanted to make them happy, you know? 'Cause then I would be happy. In fact, I ended up getting them a can of sardines. And some cans of tuna. And some wet food.

The woman at the register, who's always been friendly to me, asked in a most decidedly NOT friendly, maybe even faintly disgusted voice, "you're giving your cats tuna and sardines?!?"

I just smiled and said, "yeah, I think they need to be spoiled tonight." Really, I needed to spoil them for me more than they needed anything special. Not that that's the cashier's business. I mean, I thought they weren't supposed to be judgmental of their customers? Not a good way to get repeat business, you know? I wish I'd said, "are you judging me?" Being polite is it's own punishment, I tell you.

Although, I must digress, and I will be mentioning the purchase of "sanitary napkins" (nice euphemism eh?) so feel free to skip ahead if you be male. Well, once I was buying some and there were no female checkers, which always sucks, I mean, not a lot, but it embarrasses me a little. Anyway, the guy at the register scanned them and then said, "aw man, that sucks. Rough week, huh?" and it made me laugh out loud. I was a regular customer and we'd joked around many a time before, and I knew he had a wife and kids so he understood. Of course, later he got life in jail for aggravated assault and rape, so I guess being understanding doesn't make you a nice guy.

So there's my story. Believe me, I'd like to get back to the fluffy bunnies and rainbows asap, but until then...

Cashier lady?
I spoil my kitties. You got a problem with that? Why don't you worry about people dying in wars and floods and poverty instead of someone buying their cats a treat, which was actually to console my own heartbroken self? Cause that would make a lot more sense to get your hackles up about. And thanks for reminding me why I'm a hermit.


Anonymous said...

oh sweet baby, i am so so sorry; that butt head at the store! you are such a generous and loving soul, just keep on being you and kick something for the folks that don't get it!!!!!!!!

i learn so much from you, "Being polite is it's own punishment" is excellent, i never thought of it that way, but it is true sometimes, itis hard to come back swinging when it is not in your nature....

i love you tons sweet baby, mom

Anonymous said...

I have so much admiration for your strength and courage. It's great you're taking care of yourself and don't let other's bad moods get you down.
I love you,

Robert said...

Miss you Hermitgirl. Hope you are doing OK.

Anonymous said...

I hate when salespeople comment on what you buy. And I spoil my kitties too! Of course you wanted to see them happy.

Damn salesperson! :)