Sunday, May 11, 2008

Statistics: California vs. Arizona

CA: Astronomy = Wait- what're stars?
AZ: Astronomy = Wait- what's light pollution?
(I took this one full moon around midnight- my first night photo where you leave the shutter open for like a minute or more. It was weird that my camera couldn't see as good as me; I could have read a newspaper in the light shining down from the moon and stars.)

CA: $900 a month = studio
AZ: $900 a month = 3 bed/ 2 bath on 3 acres

CA: Sales tax = 8.25%
AZ: Sales tax = 6.0%

CA: One lane roads = yes
AZ: One lane roads = yes

CA: Encounter vehicle on single lane road = get honked at and the one finger salute
AZ: Encounter vehicle on single lane road = get smiled and waved at by driver that has pulled into bushes to allow you to pass

CA: Two Tailed Lizards = There may be two lizards left
AZ: Two Tailed Lizards =

(Okay, maybe that's not a score for either team. Also, the CA line isn't true hee hee.)

And just to prove I'm not bitter...

CA: Recycling = Curbside pick up and numerous free locations, in fact, THEY pay YOU
AZ: Recycling = Drive two hours one way, negating the whole point by trading one impact for another

There! See? Totally not biased. :) Just lovin' my new home.

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