Thursday, May 22, 2008


She started out as a tiny terrified feral. She also started out as Mildred- or was she Mabel? Well, she truly fit as Sebastian when we finally made up our minds about it. Of course, that was after we realized no way could we give the two sisters to a good home. Turned out ours was the good home.

Sebastian was a little more outgoing than Maggie, and she was the one to lead the way when ever they peeked out of the various nooks they tucked themselves into. She was the first to snuggle under my chin, though now Maggie is the one who sleeps in my armpit every night. Under the covers. Sebastian preferred her lap time when I was at the computer. She also loved patrolling the yard with me. The second I stepped out she was running around me, eager to see where we would go this time.

She was a mighty hunter, catching more mice than the other three combined. Of course, proud as I was of her for it, I still tried to save the rodents if I could. Have I mentioned I got this bleeding heart problem? Oh boy, and was she ever a tree climber! She loved our new home in AZ- the small pines and junipers in the yard are a lot easier to climb than redwoods!

And her meow! It was like a dying smoker, "aaaaaah", she'd say. I just loved it.

Maggie and her weren't just sisters, they were the best buds ever. I know Maggie misses her. I let her sniff Sebastian before I buried her, because I thought maybe she should know, instead of perhaps trying to find her. When Roger disappeared, and then Clarence, I thought not knowing was worse. But I was wrong. There are no words strong enough to describe the pain, heavy, thick, smothering, in my chest. It's like I don't want to be awake and have to live with the knowledge of her death. I had less than a year with her, but it only took a day to fall in love with her. The year grew my love exponentially. I got to know her, her quirks, her strengths, and her love. She was my friend, my bud, my baby, my family, my silly little girl. I miss her so damn much. And I love her so damn much.

June 2007 - May 2008


Amber said...

May Bast line her path with nip and valerians, and mousies and birdies of the juiciest kinds!

I am sorry for your loss, Hermitgirl!

jill said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Robert said...

I'm so sorry Hermitgirl.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lara, I'm soooo sooo very sorry to hear about Sebastian. I know how utterly painful it is to lose one of our precious kitties. I've been thinking about you!!

Love, Penny