Friday, May 2, 2008

mule deer and elk

The deer here are a lot bigger than the ones in Cali. When I occasionally saw one or two grazing at dusk, I wondered if they were elk. I couldn't wait to see an elk, and I thought they'd be like oversized deer. But no. Mule deer are, I've heard, named for their long ears, though it might as well be for their overall height. But they are puny compared to an elk.

Elk are definitely a whole different family. In fact, they looked kind of moose shaped more than deer shaped. But then, I've never sen a moose, so now I'm imagining them as oversized elk. Ha ha.

And their rumps look like monkey butts. Also, I have yet to learn my lesson... much. I slammed on the brakes when I saw one, and then picked out several more through the dense forest. They were too far away, though... hey, at least this time I asked Mom if she thought they would charge me if I tried to get closer. She said they were cowards, so I tried to stalk closer for a better shot, but she was right. These animals, just about as big as the wild horses that showed no fear, took off the second I took my first step toward them. It was still really cool, though. And how much are those telephoto lenses again?

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