Thursday, September 6, 2007

AZ, ready or not

Tomorrow I fly.

Not really on a gryphon. Just a 21st century flaming cylinder of death. Actually it's the germs that scare me, not crashing, but I bought that Airborne stuff and it was seven dollars so it better work! It has echinacea in it... Man, I was all freaking out and running around packing and I'd put one pair of socks in my bag and then walk over to my desk looking for a pen, then get a shirt in the suitcase, then scan my bookshelf, aaaack. I thought some coffee would help, geegreatideanowI'mreallygoingcrazy. So, on my second cup I added a splash of Kahlua and now I am relaxing. A little. I can't wait to see my Mom! If only I could skip the driving through city rush hour traffic and getting hurried through the strip/ scan/ detect line and just be there... Omg can't sit still. Too many racing thoughts. What am I forgetting? What's not on my list? Where IS my list? Oh dear. No more coffee for me. I will never get too sleep, haha.

I wonder if there is high speed internet there?
Will my kitties be fine? OMG that's it I'm taking the cats. Oh, wait no. Can't do that. Maybe I should take something fur encrusted to think of them. Haha, ok logging for real now. I will be back, maybe even when there.. we'll see.


daddums said...

Safe travels, Hermitgirl. Your kitties will miss you, but they will be fine. Sometimes it's so stressful just getting to the plane. Once your tray table goes up and you buckle in, all will be well. Have a good visit. See you soon.

Teryn said...

I think I'd choose the Gryphon -- much less crowded, and they hardly ever crash :) Have a good trip!

Two Kids and a Husband said...

have a good trip... you must be excited