Sunday, September 16, 2007

Little known travel destinations in Arizona

My kind of view. And an Arizona view, but not illustrative of my story. A story which has already been told several times, but really MUST be recorded for posterity. I just wanted to share something pretty before this particular tale.

I always thought posterity was something noble, grand, or otherwise integrity laden, but when I looked it up for spelling (and to make sure it really is a word) I saw that it just means "all succeeding generations". Which, really, is better for what I'm using it for anyway, better than any upstanding implications. Okay, enough preamble.

Mom had picked me up from the airport, and we were heading to her place, when she said there was something I had to see. Something I had to, in fact, take a picture of. She was right, and when she pulled over so I could get the shot, I was laughing, but it was a kind of incredulous laughing. Hilarious, but also.... what the heck??

Why, WHY is there a three dimmensional bull on this Adult Cabaret sign?? Why?? On Moonlight Dr even. I mean, this should be a deli or a butcher sign, and while it IS for a meat market of sorts, still, it's just... not right. Could we just drive on, our questions and curiosity unallayed forever? Well, I could have. But there was a man out front of the Adult Cabaret, and he was beckoning us over.
"Let's go ask him," mom suggested between fits of laughter.
"OH GOD Mom NO," I said, horrified. "He'll be on MY side of the car!!" She was already rolling MY window down.
"It's okay, I'll talk to him," she attempted to reassure me, already pulling up to the guy.
"We could use some girls in here," he said, a creepy look smeared across his face. He was looking us up and down, and didn't even hear Mom ask him about the bull. She asked him again, and as I was sort of slouching down and away from the window I was able to see a guy peering over the edge of the roof at us, an excited half grin as he imagined a couple gals coming in. Meanwhile, creepy dude finally got what Mom was asking and got a half dumb (I'm sorry, but it was) half vacant look on his face as he pondered the question.
"We got a lotta bulls in here", he finally said, brightening with his own wit.
"OMG Mom go!" I don't know if I actually said this out loud, or was praying mentally, but Mom said something like, "ok then," and peeled out of that dirt parking lot quick enough to spin the tires a little. We were still laughing ten minutes later, and it just doesn't lessen every time I see that picture. I don't think the question was really, fully answered, but it's probably for the best. Besides, it's not like we're ever going back for clarification. Unless, I guess, Mom's driving.


jill said...

Hi Hermitgrrl! I'm so glad you're back. Are you really moving to AZ? Those bug pictures were scaarry. I still like fuzzy caterpillars but the others are nightmare material. And that spider....eewww. The adult cabaret on Moonlight Drive is definitly short story material.

Anonymous said...

hi sweetness,

I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good job on the caberet story, sorry i put yu thru that, but i just had to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know?

any who offyo the airport this afternoon, john worked his bee-hind off...... still miss yoooooo

love mummish

Anonymous said...

Hi LaLa! love your blog and photographs and hoping you're all well. are we still on for dinner this Friday night? what time is good for you? and shall we meet at the usual place?
my email's

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

AHHHHHHH your mom is cool!!! But for real - the cow?

Maybe it's a transvestite caberet?? He said they had a lot of bulls in there.

Teryn said...

That's just an awesome sign. And a good story too.