Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Eulogy for the Glories

I waited for this for so long. I came home from my trip to these two periwinkle colored blooms, and the next day, a fuchia one. I tried planting these last year, soaked the seeds over night and evrything, and they never sprouted. This year, when September hit, I thought my sad three foot vines with about 8 leaves each were doomed to be flowerless, and I'd have to wait a whole year again. And then these lovely flowers took me completely by surprise, with countless (ok, five) more buds promising to add color to my garden. (The pink bud a couple weeks ago lived it's entire life in the space of a ten hour work day, so I never got to see it.) Considering I get about two hours of direct sun a day, I was pretty proud of myself. And to ice the ol' cake, the mystery plant popped a flower as well. I was so dang pleased. Was. Yes, I'm afraid... all deer must die. Ok, ok, deer are cute, and I love watching my cats stalking them, fully believing they can take down a creature 20 times their size. But why did they have to eat only those two plants??? The squash? Still blooming away. The warped, clownish cucumbers, untouched. My mystery plant and entire morning glory vine.... shredded. Brutalized. Deflowered. I am sad. :(

Ok, now what the heck is this flower?? It's something embarassingly common that everyone but me knows, isn't it. C'mon, tell me, pleeeease. The plant is about 3 feet tall, but the ones I gathered the seeds from are a bushy four feet, they come in every color and then some (orange with pink stripes? cool!) and they die in the winter, down to nothing. I can never remember if that's annual or perennial. Anyway, let the mystery plant be a mystery no more! And FINE the deer can live, but I'm sprinkling crushed red pepper over my entire (remaining) garden. And I'm hiding the water. So when them woodland cows get some burning tongues they will think again!!! Grrrrrrrr.


Anonymous said...

I think that white flower is what i call a four o'clock (because they open up late in the day)alias mirabilist. do you have the sunset western garden book? we should get you one if you don't. they do die in frost but come back from the roots.
see you Friday!
love, gran

Anonymous said...

yup it is a four o'clock with them big ole seeds, they multiple great... gotta do some next year! don't see white too often

Hi mom / gran!

gotta get some ofyhat scanky liquid fence darlin daughter dear....
hope your first day back wasn'tyoo hellacious

love you and have fun with t n g, love mumsishhhhhhhhhh

Teryn said...

My neighbors have some blue morning glories growing on the fence between our houses. I like to pretend that they're mine.

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

I love my moms morning glories, she's had them so long now thought that they are super-strength and she has to hack away at their crazy groth like they're a common weed. They really take over if they're in a happy place.

Yours are so DEEP in color! How very pretty :)