Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sixty Degrees and Raining Rodents

Oh the wonderous joy, it rained. It's been four or five months, and I had completely forgotten how incredibly wonderful and cleansing it is. The air smells so fresh, and the dust is settled. The plants are all heavy and drooping.
It's 60 degrees out right now, up from 50 when I went out this morning. I don't know if we'll get more rain, but it's gray out, which I love. We're in "stage 2" water conservation, whatever that means, but that's what the signs posted all over the 'hood say. We'd need about 40 times more rain to get back to normal. We're under a mandatory 20% water usage reduction per household rule right now, which disgruntles me. It would be one thing to give every one a set gallon per day usage, but a 20% reduction? That means the people who hose down their driveway everyday have to cut down to, what, 5 days a week instead? Whereas those of us who already conserve as much as possible should what? Umm, drink beer instead of water? (Ooooh...) I don't have a lawn. I use 3 watering cans every third day for my garden. I turn off the water while brushing my teeth- I know a lot of people just let it run. I'm registered green party, man! My car gets washed once a year! Ok, maybe I shouldn't admit that, heehee.

Anyway, I went out to just enjoy the beautiful day, and hang out with my kitties. I thought the rain would have knocked down a bunch of acorns, and it did, so I tossed some for the cats, all 5 of whom flocked around. Now, you know when you're hanging out with some one, and you see something cool? You point it out, because you want to share. When I'm out with the cats and I find something I know they'll like, like a feather, I call them over and point it out. Usually they have a good sniff, and that's that.

Well. I saw a dead rat, not rain soaked, so I guess fresh from this morning. I know, I know, I am so weird. And I wasn't really thinking ahead when I called over the kitties, especially the kittens, who are extra curious youths. I SWEAR I thought they would just sniff it.
But it seems that fresh rat is the best thing since sliced bread. Ok, eeeew, sliced bread and dead rat do NOT belong in the same sentence.
Guess who's not getting snuggles anytime soon?? I SAW where those paws have been! I tried to stop them, because, uh, germs much? Shudder. Yet I couldn't help laughing at the sheer exuberance Maggie and her sister Sebastian bounced around with.
I finally distracted them with acorn skipping and then shoveled a bunch of duff over the corpse. Poor lil rat. Oh gad, come to think of it, I'm glad they didn't actually start EATING it. Aaaaaand now I'm changing the subject. It's always good to be able to laugh at your own jokes, but to be able to gross yourself out? Why didn't I think of this BEFORE I pointed out the dead rodent?

Ah, well. It's a beautiful weekend, the cats are happy, I'm happy, even the trees are happy (I can tell) and I guess a little rodent toss is just part and parcel when you love cats. It's just going to have to be love from afar for awhile. Yuck.


Teryn said...

That is too funny. They look really happy, though.

And, yes, I think you'll probably have to drink beer instead of water. I mean, the signs say 20% -- why fight it? :)

Anonymous said...

too excellent and way funny and true, damn amusing about animals... way more honest and present than us! cats are soooo straight forward! saw an owl, an almost all white skunk and many boinking bunnies on the way home tonight... never have seen a skunk with so much white b4, may be he takes after my friend......

glad you had peace and joy today,sweet one, love you, mum

Anonymous said...

and the dust has settled....i wrote those exact words in my journal, accept i was writing about the inner peace i had found and using the river as a metaphor and the feeling that inside me the dust has settled, the bag come untied.

and some people argue that there is no collective consciousness. when my sister and i are writing the same words, but live on two different sides of the world, i think that´s some pretty damned good proof.

love you,