Sunday, September 2, 2007


It's been a long, lazy, HOT weekend. There's a lot of people out, it's like rush hour all day. And while it's been nice staying home and doing nothing, I find myself already dreading tuesday. Then again, who looks forward to getting up at five to go work 11 hours for 8 hours pay at a job they hate with Satan as their boss?? I guess my dread is understandable. I usually think of anticipation as a very bad feeling, like, say, a dentist's waiting room. Woooo, feel faint just remembering the smell of burning tooth, gag. But there are some really awesome anticipations out there. Like this.
Distractions are great, too. I "went" to a huge party last night, in the Eastern Kingdoms. There were at least twenty people on what's like a party phone line. We all have headsets and can talk all at once or take turns, as our avatars run together, dancing and battling at our command. One guy was in Australia, gotta love the accent! I realized the last time I hung out with non-family friends was about 3 months ago, except for online. That's really ok though, 'cause my Dad and his wife are just as fun as old highschool buddies, and, besides, I'm a hermit. Haha! And soon I will be going to AZ to visit me Mum, who's also a best friend.
Anyway, as far as work is concerned, I still cling to the hope that someday the insomnia and stress will pay off and I will have my little slice of eden. Anticipation and waiting it out sometimes brings in a bounty, like these onions!
Today was harvest day for about half my crop, and they pulled out of the ground like they were leaping from it, no resistance at all. They were grape sized too, unlike the earlier pea size one HAHA! Eeek, in one freshly vacated onion hole was a worm, which I'm glad was in there, 'cuz they're great for the soil, but they still creep me out!! Enough to elicite a verbalization of my startlement and grossed out-ness. Omg, and the mystery plant has a flower bud!! That's good anticipation AND distraction! Yay! Here's to gardens for the multiple ways they enrich our lives. Good place to hide the bosses' body, too. KIDDING!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

hi sweetness,

i do belive your bud is morning glory, i'm gonna plant those every where next spring, i love em!!!!!!!!!!

someone recorded most of the play so you can see that when you come, i have to warn you, you may pee your pants!!!!!!!!!!!! it is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! (and a lttle embarassing!) a friend is gonna pick john up at the aireoport as he will be in phoenix sunday.... does john have a cell phone? i'll call you tommarow, love you!!!!!!!!!! mumsey

jill said...

Great onions! They're so cute. Have a wonderful time with your mum!

Two Kids and a Husband said...

I feel taht same anticipation going to work..I actually said on Saturday night to my hubby... I can't believe I have to go back to work in two day...yesterday i said Oh crap i can't believe its sunday and today I am crying inside...ahhhhh to have a job I would love... now that would be a good day!!