Sunday, June 10, 2007

Summer Vacation

Aaaaaah this is the life. Woke up at 10, after going to bed at 10, so got 12 hours of sleep hallealujah. Then I didn't even get up, just lay in bed for a half hour/ 45 ish. Then when I did get up, didnt even have to jump in the shower and hussle to get ready, gulp a cup of milk for breakfast, oh no. No, I checked out my favorite blogs, my email, then took a loooong hot shower, dressed, went out side to pet my kitties, and now, just after noon, I am cooking a leisurly breakfast. Potatoes with big ol chunks onion, eggs with cheese, sausage (pork! just can't get a good vegetarian sausage) and O.. M... G... coffee with ice cream, so good it's like when harry met sally and they where at a restaraunt eating. And music, too.

It just doesn't get any better than this. This is my most happiest place, first morning of the weekend, my only obligation is to myself- to make me happy and well fed and entertained and comfortable. I'm so spoiled. Or maybe it's selfish? But omg this is just too wonderful to deny myself. And besides, I AM going to exercise, and run Abrakadabra through gnomer, a totally selfless act! Get him some professor plums- okay, no more wow refrences. :P

Oh man, did I mention the butter in the potatoes? They are coming along quite yummily! Pride aside, I just can't get a decent breakfast unless I make it. Or CommonLaw does. Or heck, my dad makes a fabulous french toast if memory serves, and my mom taught me the art of breakfast potatoes. In hawaii she made them, and I've made them that way ever since. I guess what I'm getting at is that as far as meals are concerned, I'll take homecooked any time. Going out though, makes for a roaring good time company wise. (wait- hermitgrrl leaves the house? albeit for food, a neccessity?) I've had countless awesome breakfasts with dad that had nothing to do with the food. The meal was an after thought. Although, having refill after refill of coffee is pretty darn fun! Plus there's no dishes after!

Well, my breakfast is in the final, need constant attention stage, plus my coffee needs a lil refresher. But I'll be back, never fear. Or do. Haha, because I have a whole glorious weekend ahead of me. Yup, this is IT.

Later that day...

Now is time for dinner, burritos yumm. Ah, but the appetizer! Fresh peaches, frozen pineapple, pink lemonade, ice, and Tropico (30 proof rum with exotic friut juce blend, oooh!) blendered up good. Woot! Well, didn't get my exercise.. um, YET. There's still an hour and a half of daylight right? What the heck, it's my summer vacation. That's right. I am taking a vacation day for a THREE DAY WEEKEND! Woohoo!! And that means only a 4 day work week to come. Now that's what I call a vacation. :)

PS almost forgot to say.. Aren't my kitties the most beautiful precious angels ever?!?


daddums said...

Hey Hermitgirl - Yeah, those breakfasts...pot after pot of coffee...laughing and telling stories to the rafters, learning a little Russian. All of a sudden the joint was empty and it was time to go for a walk in the sunshine, or the fog. Nature and more stories. Good times. Have a good 'vacation'. Do Svidania.

Anonymous said...

i see how it is i take beautiful picturs of our kittys and you take all the credit.