Saturday, June 2, 2007

Diary of an Irish Carbomb

According to CommonLaw, this is a winter drink. For me this is an "I just worked a very long very hard week and tgif" drink. Either way, it gets the job done.

Note the components. The whiskey is Irish, Bushmills to be exact. Bailey's Irish Cream, no stand ins, generic floosys. And of course, Guinness. Make sure you get Guinness draught and not extra stout. Now, you won't need a full can, or bottle, for each pint glass. You'll need about two inches of room left. Pour about an ounce of Bushmills in the shot glass, which is two thirds of a regular shot glass. add a generous dollop of Bailey's to the whiskey.

Now, this is important. The shot glass is dropped into the pint glass of Guinness. And then you better be ready to chug, the whole thing, before the cream curdles in the whiskey. That's right, pound that car bomb until the shot glass slides up and hits you in the nose. Rinse the whole shebang out quick, cuz for some reason it's like like a chemical reaction and the leftover foam will cement to the glass.

There now, don't you feel much better? Well, I sure do. :P

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