Friday, June 29, 2007

World of Clothescraft

Ah poo, our fridge is dead. I found one online for free, though, only 15 miles from here... all I need is some strong people and a truck. Why does the power always go out, or this, just when you stocked up on groceries? Sigh.
Today I was thinking about how I love costumes, and sometimes I get the urge to don my midevil garb and run through the forest... Except I don't, because what if someone saw me??? And yet 10 years ago I had no problem shaving my head, putting spiked collars on my neck and wrist, my THREE wallet chains a swingin' as I stomped through town in my black steel toe combat boots. Crow face paint optional. Now I just wear jeans and a t shirt. And sneakers. I would have despised the me I've become if I'd met her when I was 18. I was a pretty judgemental peep, but we all remember our teens, right??
The funny thing is, I remember when I was maybe 10 or 11, and I was too embarrassed to take my doll out in public. I remember very clearly thinking, "when I'm a grown up, I'll get a stroller and push my doll around and I won't care what other people think". I thought that losing your fear of what other people thought disappeared with your fear of the dark, and looked forward to these adulthood milestones. Heehee. At least the dark one was mostly true.
At least I have my game. I love getting new outfits on WoW, but fer gad's sake don't tell my fellow gamers that. You are supposed to base your armor on how strong it makes you, not how cool your Toon looks.

But isn't that such a pretty outfit? All purple and blue? It's way too low level for my character but I keep it in her bank just in case she ever wants to dress up.

This is my outfit, err, armor, now, not quite as cool, but I will be switching to plate mail soon, as opposed to this peasly chain stuff. Then whole new sets of gear await me in the dressing room! There really is a "dressing room" in the game, so I know I'm not totally alone here. Ooooh, plus I get my horse, so I'm looking forward to 40. Ha, who'd 'a thought. My axe is great too, it's enchanted and it glows blue. Very useful when being attacked by murderous rampaging trolls.
Then again, I will sooo take a blood thirsty troll over a dead fridge as my problems any day. Dang, you know? I told the universe I was ready for some GOOD luck. Maybe I'll find some pretty new boots. My old ones totally don't match my pauldrons.


Teryn said...

That is one of the main reasons (though not the only one) that I suck at gaming. I just want to dress the characters up -- change their hair color. I'm very bad at remembering command codes or which type of characters can do what. Much better at making my elf ears look good with my boots.

Sorry about your fridge!

Anonymous said...

hi sweetness,

i still love costumes! just made "varhinya" and got to do "Pierre LeRod" at hellies b-day and am on to another ren faire costume! hoping to slowly incorporate more custumy stuff into my every day wear but i know what you mean.... mostly i just don't want to be visable... we were very cool red white n blue scary ladies for the heber parade! lve n hugs, m

hermitgrrl said...

thats awesome mom!