Thursday, June 28, 2007

At Random

Huh, I think that was the name of a band back in highschool. Anthoo, just some random thoughts today.

This: When I got to work I saw the last 2 feral kittens eating with their mom, and it reminded me of when Lilly and Pheonix were little. I have way too many photos of them. Okay, or not. They love the hell out of each other, and still lick each other. Can you say AAAAAAAAWWWW!!!!!!!!

And this: It's only 80 degrees, but it feels way hotter. And yet I still wanted hot coffee when I got home. With ice cream. But it turns out our freezer is broken, and the ice cream was almost, not quite, but almost completely melted. I put it in my coffee anyway haha. Luckily the rest of the fridge seems fine. Weird, huh? I didn't realize they had seperate working parts. It's a good thing, too, because we try to avoid calling the landlord whenever possible. Why, you ask? You must not BE a renter if you are asking. Last year, the water heater broke. It was a valuable lesson, actually. I had always thought that I HAD to have a shower every morning. Instead, for two months I boiled water on the stove, poured it into a bigger container of cold water ( this diluted the temperature just right, plus gave me more total to work with ) and washed myself Little House on the Prairie style. It was enough of a pain in the ass that I only did it every OTHER day, but not THAT awful. And let me say, that first shower when we finally found a used water heater we could afford, was the most pure bliss nonstop aaah you could ever imagine. Best 200 bucks ever. It's good to learn these little life lessons, because now I must learn to live without ice cream in my coffee and without emergency I'm too tired to make real dinner frozen pizza back up. Poor me :( boohoo. No, really I should take this opportunity to learn to fix things. I can change a tire in fifteen minutes. I rule! Then again, one time I hit a bump in the road just wrong enough to squish my tail pipe almost completely shut EEEEK and the vehicle soooo didn't sound good and I immediatly called my Honey to come fix it and save me. So maybe there's such a thing as refrigerator repair guys? Though we are BROKE. Poop I say.

And this: Sometimes it's not good to hear people talking about you behind your back, but sometimes it's fascinating. Overheard between two coworkers:
Krystal said, "Oh, some girl left that here, I can't think of her name. She has really long brown hair, and she doesn't wear make-up...?"
"Hermitgrrl?" Patty asked.
I just found this hilarious for some reason. It's interesting, for one, to be categorized as not doing something. And I'd never realized that this was a way that people saw me. The girl who freaks out over cute kittens, yeah. But the girl who doesn't do a thing? Weird, and funny. This reminded me of another time at work, when wearing make up was brought up. The new girl, Betty, told Krystal that she wanted to meet a guy but didn't know how. Krystal suggested getting all made up and wearing a dress. And there's nothing wrong AT ALL with wearing make up and dressing up, it just made me sad that that was applied as "how to get a guy". I think women are fantastically beautiful without a drop of make up, and they can be pretty with it too. It just seems that you might want a guy who likes you as you are, and if you normally wear make up, do, and if you don't, don't. Really not trying to say one way is better or be judgemental at all. I wish our culture was more supportive of beauty in all its forms, plump or slender, plain or colorful. I am extremely lucky to have a guy that thinks I'm beautiful just the way I am. Like Mr. rogers. CommonLaw's family on the other hand...

Okay, I know grandparents come from a different time. But when I dress up all super hot and stylin, I'm in my favorite pinstripe three piece pant suit, and I don't need to know that I'm being dissed because, "Doesn't she know this is a wedding and you're supposed to dress nice?" I got it from Victoria's Secret for sheesh sakes! Just wait till my wedding... HAHAHA. Maybe I'll just leave my legs unshaved too!!! I guess you won't see my legs anyway, but that would be funny.

Well. Betty found a great guy who does like her just the way she is, yay. And I did wear a dress to my Mom's wedding, and liked it. It was a beautiful dress that she made, man, my mom is so awesome and talented, I'll have to post the pictures some time. Oh! and my brother has this insanely cool utilikilt that he wears, its like a kilt, but not plaid, and it has cargo pockets all over it. Men look SOOO great in kilts. I met a guy once who had to wear one for a wedding, and at first he was all, "Oh, my manly manness is so offended!" and by the end of the night he didn't want to take it off it was so comfortable. I'm sure the beer helped.

So there's some random thoughts for yas.


Teryn said...

Your family sounds cool :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, the make up thang is a gas, if i want male attention strokes all i gotta do is put make up on my eyes and voila, and i'm frickin 51 years old fer gods sake! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i had my first real shower in almost a year about 6 weeks ago and i swear it was better than sex, ice cream and chanpagne all put together!!!!!!!!!!! unfortuneatly is was a just a tease cuz we had to let the cement dry out so we could tile it and we still haven't!!!!!!!!! i've got all the tile made just need the time to put em in.....

miss you little daughter, love mom